85% of Madrid buses will operate on natural gas in 2016

December 25, 2015. The Madrid City Council has approved their budgets confirming the purchase of 200 new buses by 2016, of which 170 will run on gas, which means that 85% of vehicles purchased will use this fuel.

   This was stated by the Spanish Gas Association (Sedigas) in a statement, in which argues that this fuel for public transport is a real alternative to improve air quality in Madrid and other cities.

   Thus, the Municipal Transport Company of Madrid (EMT) will run from 43% to 50% of the bus fleet on gas. In addition, it plans to invest 225,000 euros in adapting the dual system for the simultaneous CNG supply in 15 units, and expand the refueling facilities in Carabanchel and Entrevías.

   "It is certainly great news for a city facing serious problems of pollution and which has resulted in the implementation of extraordinary measures, like today, to prevent the situation from worsening air" assessed Sedigas.

   The association explained that air pollution that exists in the cities comes mainly from the private automobile and transport fleets in between 70% and 80%. On this point, natural gas for vehicle use is the most efficient and sustainable fuel because it combines significant environmental benefits through reduced emissions and lower noise pollution.


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