CNG buses registrations in the Czech Republic increased

January 21, 2016. At least 26% of the new buses registered in the Czech Republic in 2015 run on compressed natural gas (CNG). The proportion of those registered vehicles has increased year on year from 10% to at least 26%. Only in the urban and suburban public transport it increased at least 355 units of a total of 880 CNG buses currently circulating in the country.

   In 2014, 102 new natural gas vehicles were recorded and accounted for almost 10% of all newly registered buses in the Czech Republic. "In 2015, the presence of gas vehicles in urban and suburban public transport buses grew by 355 of a total of 1.350 newly registered, representing more than a quarter of all registrations in the country," said Jiri Simek, Vice President of the Board of the Czech Gas Association (CGA).

   In the Czech Republic today operate 19.892 buses and their average age is 14.34 years. While the average in the European Union amounts to more than 11 years. According to the CGA, which oversees the development of CNG and regularly compiles statistics, so far 4.5% of all buses are running on CNG, which represents 880 units in 40 cities. In the world this amount extends nearly 782.000 natural gas-powered buses.


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