CNG forklifts for Nissan’s European customers

   René Eenhoorn from Nissan Forklift Europe’s product marketing department tells that the compressed natural gas (CNG) module and engine adaptation pack enable its forklifts to run on natural gas and could benefit cusomers in Europe.

   He says that there are several countries where CNG is rapidly emerging, like Italy, Netherlands, Austria and Spain. For example, Eenhoorn explains the Netherlands has an excellent supply of natural gas in every household but it is impossible to tank CNG for your car at every gas station.

   He adds that some of Nissan Forklift’s customers have a CNG infrastructure established for their day-to-day business and a CNG-run forklift could be a natural addition to their daily operation. This type of company has the advantage of already owning a CNG filling station. They only have to invest in the CNG module option when buying the forklift.

   Cost savings achieved through running forklifts on natural gas are dependent on the customer’s situation. A customer with a CNG filling station who invests in one CNG module option could save up to 10% of the forklift’s operating costs. Larger forklift users could achieve greater cost reduction. While companies who have to buy the filling station and the module option, they need to have more CNG forklifts in their fleet to make it economically viable.

   Nissan Forklift developed the CNG module option with IMPCO Technologies by modifying the Nissan K21 and K25 liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) engines.


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