European Biogas Association calls for EU-wide biogas policy

April 6, 2016. The European Biogas Association (EBA) has called for EU-wide sustainability rules for bioenergy used for power and heat to support the internal biogas market.

   EBA said that while the lack of a pan-European biogas policy gives member states flexibility to adapt their laws to national circumstances, the cross-border trade in biomethane is taking a hit in the process.

   The industry body is also call on all EU Member States to introduce mandatory source separation and collection of food waste for households and businesses to increase the rate of nutrient recycling through anaerobic digestion (AD).

   The EBA is also advocating that biomethane should be available at all gas refueling stations across Europe either in pure form or blended by 2030.

   Elsewhere, it is calling for research and development to support the advancement of the industry and to contribute to increased efficiency and innovative substrate use, in order to improve the performance of the technology in Europe.

   The EBA is also encouraging the bioenergy industry to develop into global export markets which will deliver cash flow back to the EU economy.


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