Huge potential for biomethane in the UK transport

April 22, 2016. A new report from the Renewable Energy Association (REA) indicates a huge potential to use more renewable gaseous fuels such as biomethane in transport.

   Greater uptake in the use of gaseous renewable fuels would be an easy and cost effective way to help meet the United Kingdom’s looming 2020 renewable energy targets, which we are presently not on track to achieve, it says.

   These fuels can be derived from food and other organic wastes, and upgraded for use in lorries and other heavy vehicles. The use of renewable gaseous fuels in transport, such as biomethane, reduces emissions and puts otherwise polluting organic wastes to productive use. For many organizations, it is an economic means of decarbonisation.

   REA estimates indicate that the UK is presently not on track to meet its legally binding 2020 renewable heat and transport sub-targets. Supporting the renewable gaseous fuels industry could help the UK to meet its 2020 targets and to make an even bigger contribution in the next decade, the REA says.


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