Matthias Maedge appointed new Secretary General of NGVA Europe

January 25, 2016. The Board of Directors of NGVA Europe has appointed Matthias Maedge as Secretary General from January 1. NGVA Europe promotes the use of natural gas and biomethane as an automotive fuel. Maedge previously served as Deputy Secretary General and EU Affairs Director of NGVA Europe.

   He is enthusiastic about his tasks ahead: “Gas in transport provides a quick and cost-effective way to meet key requirements of the EU, including decarbonising road transport and improving air quality in cities. Natural gas is an excellent fuel and a perfect partner for renewables offering multiple opportunities to contribute significantly to diversifying the energy mix in transport. NGVA Europe will stay committed to strengthening ties between EU policy makers, the NGV industry and vehicle operators.”

   Matthias Maedge started his career in NGVA Europe in 2008. He was responsible for building up the Brussels office he will now lead and has up till now been in charge of coordinating institutional relations at EU level. Matthias Maedge holds a master’s degree in political science and also worked in the German parliament.

   He succeeds Lennart Pilskog, who was Secretary General of NGVA Europe from 2014 to 2015 and sat on the board of NGVA Europe for a number of years representing Volvo.

   “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lennart on behalf of the staff, the board and the members for his excellent service and dedication these past two years to NGVA Europe, highlighting the essential role that natural gas can play in transport”, Maedge adds.


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