New liquefied natural gas Scania trucks for Tielbeke

October 20, 2016. Tielbeke Transport in the Dutch city of Lemelerveld received eight new Scania G340 Highline trucks powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) this year. The vehicles deliver goods to branches of the Kruidvat drugstore.

   "We opted for LNG as the standard tanks of 150 kg have sufficient scope for our daily work. By contrast, a vehicle fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG) must make an extra stop for refueling. Moreover, we have four similar units within the company."

   "What we want to achieve is the deployment of LNG trucks with Kruidvat to minimize emissions in inner cities. Kruidvat attaches great importance to cleaner transport and deployment of LNG will decrease by 90% NOx and particles emissions than using a diesel vehicle. LNG also saves an additional 15% of CO2 emissions."

   An added bonus of the Scania LNG is much lower noise emission.

   The vehicles, which run 100,000 kilometers annually, were supplied by Scania Zwolle and under a full service contract with Scania Lemelerveld.

   Tielbeke is among the top 50 of Dutch logistics service providers. The company is engaged in retail storage and distribution. It has 250 trucks of which 80% corresponds to the Scania brand.


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