NGV Bangkok 2013 to join forces with AFT Asia 2013

January 30, 2013. Around the world governments, automotive manufacturers, fleet operators and private vehicle users are demanding clean, sustainable transport. In response to this high demand, alternative fuel event specialists, AES, have announced AFT Asia 2013 to be held from 7-9 November at BITEC in Bangkok endorsed by the Asia-Pacific Sustainable Transport Foundation. The exhibition will also incorporate NGV Bangkok, an internationally endorsed TCEB event launched in 2012, supported by the Ministry of Energy.

   “An explosion of car use has made fast-growing Asian cities the epicenter of global air pollution” reported the Guardian newspaper in London this week. Alternative clean transport is undoubtedly the solution and it has resulted in governments and automotive manufacturers worldwide investing billions of dollars to provide the technology and infrastructure to meet this requirement. US President, Barack Obama urged "if you’re a business that needs to transport goods, I’m challenging you to replace your old fleet with a clean energy fleet that’s not only good for your bottom line, but good for our economy, good for our country and good for our planet."

   Governments in Asia have responded much earlier to the urgent need for change, in India there has been a considerable policy shift towards CNG usage in Delhi and other major cities. In Thailand, Malaysia, China, Pakistan, Iran and Indonesia huge advances have also been made in developing vehicle and infrastructure conversions towards natural gas vehicle usage. However, NGV is only part of  the  solution. Mr. Punnachai Footrakul, Vice President of PTT’s NGV Marketing Department, explained at NGV Bangkok 2012 that “NGV is an alternative fuel of choice, not magic medicine”.

   Throughout Asia, and in Thailand in particular, there are many alternative fuel vehicle options available besides CNG to include biodiesel, hybrids, LPG, ethanol, hydrogen, fuel cells, methanol, propane, LNG and LCNG.

   Fleet operators, OEMs and end users are seeking alternative fuel solutions for their immediate investments. At NGV Bangkok 2012, Southeast Asia’s leading alternative  fuels event, trade visitors from 47 countries gathered for the 3 day exhibition. “The overwhelming message from fleet operators in particular was that alternative fuel transport is the future but in every country and in every city in Asia there are different challenges and different solutions”, explained David Aitken, Managing Director of AES, organisers of AFT Asia and NGV Bangkok. “At NGV Bangkok 2012 there were a scope of alternative fuel technologies showcased in the event to primarily include NGV but also ethanol, hybrids and LPG applications. It was a natural development for NGV Bangkok to become part of a wider reaching event in direct response to the Asian buyers and vehicle manufacturers. The model of the event is much the same as NGV Global 2014 that will be co-locating with the ACT (Alternative Clean Transport) 2014 event in the US in May 2014”.


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