President of Egypt urges the conversion of automobiles to natural gas

February 8, 2019. President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi encourages citizens to convert their cars to run with natural gas instead of petrol, Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli said.

   Madbouli affirmed the necessity of harnessing the available resources in the country, referring to converting cars to run on natural gas in view of the great savings this will bring to the state. This is also important in reducing the state's subsidy bill and achieve environmental benefits, Madbouli said, directing increasing natural gas filling stations nationwide.

   As Egypt has increased the price of petroleum products three times since it floated its currency in late 2016, many car owners have resorted to converting their cars to run on natural gas. The latest price of natural gas' cubic meter amounts to LE 2.75 (USD 0.16) vs. LE 5.5 for 80 octane and LE 6.75 for 92 octane.

   A source in the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) said that the number of cars that converted to natural gas instead of gasoline rose to about 253.000 cars during the fiscal year 2017-2018.


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