Spain will have 40.000 gas powered vehicles in 2025

January 29, 2016. The growth estimates of the Spanish fleet powered by natural gas are very high, with a forecast of 4.000 liquefied natural gas (LNG) units and 36.000 compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles in 2025.

   From the Iberian Association of Natural Gas for Mobility (GASNAM) emphasize the vital importance of MOVEA Plan, which aims to encourage the purchase of vehicles with alternative fuels by 2020. The budget for natural gas vehicles reaches two million euros.

   Spain has a fleet of 5.000 vehicles to natural gas, of which the vast majority are heavy and intensive use.

   The purchase of cars that run on natural gas will have a € 3.000 grant from the government, which will add another € 1.000 from the concessionaire. For vans and light trucks this assistance will range from € 3.500 to € 6.500 depending on their size. Buses and trucks, always according to their maximum authorized mass (MMA) will receive from € 11.000 to € 21.000.

   Also remember that is already under way the development plan of the CNG and LNG supply stations, which governments should implement in response to the European Directive on Fuel Infrastructure.


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