Strasbourg is the first French city to inject biomethane into its network of natural gas

September 5, 2014. Wastewater treatment station of Strasbourg will be the first in France to inject biomethane to the natural gas network from 2015.

   The program, called Biovalsan and released in 2012, entered its final stage with the start of the work in the unit where the biogas produced by the fourth treatment plant in the country is purified.

   The plant, operated by Lyonnaise des Eaux and Degrémont, will offer from mid-2015 about 1.6 million cubic meters of biogas per year for the distribution of natural gas. This is equivalent to the consumption of about 5.000 low power homes.

   The new regulations authorizing the injection of biomethane derived from wastewater treatment plants in the natural gas network, was published in June. The trading price of biomethane was set by suppliers at a higher value than natural gas.

   Biovalsan, which is supported by more than 2 million euros from the European Commission, was designed as a pilot project and the results should be shared with the communities concerned.


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