Subaru to start compressed natural gas cars production in Sweden

February 2, 2011. Subaru Nordic communications and PR director Thomas Possling said they will finally decide to start production in Sweden and Trollhättan is one of the locations for a possible factory.

   Subaru Nordic is working with Italian firm BRC Gas Equipment, which has rented out a vacant Saab Automobile AB location.

   Possling explained that this is a Nordic area project with BRC. From Subaru Japan, they only have technical support. They are not involved in this project in any other way.

   The models, which are manufactured in Japan, would be shipped to Sweden for conversion. Production will focus on the Swedish market initially, but Possling said Subaru will look into export opportunities in the future because they are interested in exporting into CNG markets. He informed that Finland is one country that has shown an interest in CNG and other countries in Europe could be interested in this environmentally friendly alternative.

   So far, Subaru has produced five test prototype models in Sweden, so the proposed project would be the first large-scale production it would carry out in the country. It would also mark the company's first foray into CNG vehicles, as well as the world's first Boxer CNG engine and first all-wheel drive CNG vehicle.


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