Waste collection trucks use biogas in Mirandela

July 7, 2017. The Biogasmove project, which is being implemented in the Portuguese city of Mirandela, represents an investment of 1.5 million euros and aims to treat and take advantage of biogas, injecting it as fuel for waste collection trucks. The initiative aimed to build a biogas treatment unit and its injection into the tanks of heavy vehicles.

   According to the President of Dourogás, Nuno Moreira, "the collector truck brings the urban solid waste of the cities, which is treated in the corresponding plant, and we get the biogas that is finally filled into the tank of the vehicle that goes, again, to look for new waste". For the entrepreneur, this means that there is a zero energy cycle since the waste that it brings is used in the engine of the truck to transport it.

   The project is being implemented by the company Biogold, from the Dourogás group, in association with Resíduos do Nordeste/Aterro de Urjais, in Mirandela, Bragança district, and represents an investment of about 1.5 million euros, contributed by the Fund for Innovation Support.

   The Secretary of State for Energy, Jorge Seguro Sanches, said that the government looks with "great attention" at this project, which was supported by the Ministry of Economy, through the Fund for Innovation Support.


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