Peru to mitigate 12 million tons of CO2 with natural gas vehicles
In an optimistic scenario, between 2016 and 2025 about 12 million tons of CO2 would be mitigated, if more natural gas vehicles (NGV) were converted and clean energy transport operations were initiated.
Spain increases by 20% vehicles using compressed natural gas
According to a study by the National Association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers (Anfac), compressed natural gas (CNG) has a high potential for development in Spain.
Lidl chooses Iveco for Italian largest liquefied natural gas truck fleet
LC3 will provide transport and logistics services to multinational supermarket chain Lidl with a fleet of 15 Stralis Natural Power heavy trucks powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) engines manufactured by FPT Industrial.
FortisBC grants C$5 million incentives for LNG ferries
Canadian energy utility FortisBC announced that it will provide C$ 5 million (USD 4.4 million) in incentive funding toward two new vessels for Seaspan Ferries that will be able to run on liquefied natural gas (LNG).
NGV Malaysian Association enters Malaysia Book of Records
The Malaysian Association of Natural Gas Vehicle Installers etched its name in the Malaysia Book of Records for the longest distance travelled by an energy-efficient vehicle convoy which covered a distance of 530 kilometres.
Pakistan decided to use LNG in CNG refueling stations
The Pakistan’s Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) has approved incentives for liquefied natural gas (LNG) consumption in compressed natural gas (CNG) stations.
Increasing CNG filling stations in New Delhi
The Minister of State for Petroleum & Natural Gas Shri Dharmendra Pradhan informed that at present, 279 compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations have been commissioned in New Delhi, India.
South African buses to use natural gas as fuel
Rea Vaya buses on the Phase 1C network between central Johannesburg, Sandton and Alexandra will in future be powered by natural gas.
DHL launches natural gas powered concept vehicle in the United Kingdom
DHL has launched its new compressed natural gas (CNG) powered concept truck for use in towns and cities at Quiet Cities, the first global summit focused on enabling quieter deliveries of freight in urban environments.
President of Iveco delivers keynote speech on NGVs at the European Parliament
CNH Industrial N.V. illustrated its successes in the field of natural gas commercial vehicles before European Parliament members in Strasbourg, France.
CNG filling station in Trujillo began his probation
The first filling station for natural gas vehicles (NGV) in Trujillo, Peru, began his probation at kilometer 557 of the Panamericana Norte Highway, the representative of Clean Energy del Peru reported.
First industrial CO2 collector to produce synthetic gas
For some time now, the Swiss company Climeworks, in cooperation with Audi, has been working on a technology to filter CO2 out of the air and then use it to produce synthetic fuel such as Audi’s e-gas.
Tax increase for natural gas unlikely after split in European Union members
NGVA Europe informs that a large and adverse increase in taxation on natural gas as an engine fuel has become unlikely after a split between European Union Member States on the proposed Energy Taxation Directive.
Seat began marketing two natural gas-powered vehicles
Seat startes marketing its first two vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), the Seat Mii Ecofuel and Leon TGI, in the Spanish market. Both are designed to function with 95 octane gasoline if necessary.
Mexico applies pilot program for renewal of CNG trucks
Of the 109 trucks will soon be incorporated into the vehicle fleet from Servicios y Transportes (SyT), in the city of Guadalajara, state of Jalisco, 70 will receive federal support.
Natural gas vehicles advance in Spain and calls for more public support
The gas companies and vehicle manufacturers who bet on natural gas as fuel demand more aid to promote this technology in Spain, following the example of countries like Italy.
First company to inject biomethane into UK gas grid network
Specialists in the injection of biomethane to the UK gas grid, CNG Services, has played a key role in the design, project management and commissioning of a new ‘gas to grid’ plant at Bristol sewage treatment works run by GENeco.
Cryostar launched largest liquid nitrogen test facility for cryogenic pumps
November 13 was an important milestone in Cryostar¡¦s history with the launch of the world¡¦s largest liquid nitrogen test facility. The grand opening ceremony, at Cryostar¡¦s headquarters, was the place to be.
Increase in fuel stimulates NGV consumption in Teresopolis
In Teresopolis, which works by performing the conversion of vehicles to natural gas, indicates that demand was very good and the tendency is to grow further in the last quarter due to the proximity of time to pay tax on motor vehicles.
Natural gas vehicles will dominate substitution of diesel in China
Wood Mackenzie reports that natural gas vehicles (NGVs) will be the largest single factor in the substitution of diesel within the Chinese transport sector by 2020.
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