DATS 24 to open 30 new CNG stations in Belgium
DATS 24, the fuel distribution subsidiary of Colruyt Group, will open 30 new refueling stations this year to serve natural gas vehicles in Belgium.
Natural gas Kamaz finished among top ten in Africa Eco Race 2017
The Africa Eco Race 2017 concluded in Senegal on January 14, 2017. The natural gas fueled Kamaz led by Sergey Kupriyanov finished among the top ten in the final standings.
Barreiro to add 60 buses running on compressed natural gas
The Municipal Assembly of Barreiro, Portugal, unanimously approved the total renewal of the Transportes Colectivos do Barreiro (TCB) fleet, with the acquisition of 60 compressed natural gas (CNG) powered buses by mid-2019.
New ISO standards published for CNG and LNG fueling stations
In December, ISO published two international standards that will play an important role in the deployment of the alternative fuels infrastructure.
Tanzania to build more natural gas stations in Dar es Salaam
Tanzania plans to construct more compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations in Dar es Salaam to provide cheaper and cleaner energy for more of its citizens.
Bolivia plans 20.000 natural gas vehicle conversions by 2017
The executive director of Bolivia's Natural Gas Conversion Entity (EEC-GNV), Alejandra Huaylla, said that the conversions of the 2017 management will start in the last week of January.
Conversion of vehicles to natural gas increased by 60% in Michoacán
The demand for individuals and carriers for the conversion of gasoline vehicles to compressed natural gas (CNG) in Michoacán, Mexico, increased by 60% and the Transportation Coordination Commission (Cocotra) is looking for financing schemes.
Bilbao launches fleet of gardening vehicles fueled by natural gas
The City of Bilbao, Spain, has presented its new gardening mobile park, 44 new machines that will save 25 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere.
LowCVP reports on natural gas vehicle emissions tests
Natural gas powered commercial vehicles could deliver significant greenhouse gas (GHG) savings when a non-fossil, renewable or synthetic methane blend is used.
Puebla proposes the use of compressed natural gas in taxis
To support taxi drivers in the face of rising fuel prices, the Governor of the Mexican State of Puebla, Rafael Moreno Valle, is designing a program for the conversion of its gasoline vehicles to natural gas.
New study improves understanding of NGV methane emissions
A newly published scientific study measured methane emissions from heavy-duty natural gas-powered vehicles and refueling stations, and is greatly expanding what we know about emissions from natural gas-fueled vehicles.
World’s first LNG icebreaker Polaris heads to icebreaking duty
Arctia’s newest icebreaker Polaris headed to icebreaking duty January 9, 2017. Icebreaker Otso has been in icebreaking duty already since December 8th 2016 and icebreaker Kontio since December 16th 2016.
Agas 21 builds Spain's largest biomethane filling station
The Spanish company Agas 21 has designed, equipped and built the largest biomethane refueling station in Spain and one of the largest in Europe, according to its Manager Alfredo Mostajo.
First Euro 6 diesel dual fuel vehicle is approved in Italy
A DAF 510 FX FT belonging to the EcorNaturasì fleet, equipped with a 12902cc PACCAR MX13 375H1 engine and with a maximum power of 375kw, is approved for circulation on Italian roads in diesel dual fuel mode.
Jalisco to access federal resources for natural gas trucks
The state of Jalisco, Mexico, will be able to access resources from the Federal Support Program for Mass Urban Transport (Protram) of the National Infrastructure Fund (Fonadin), to make an investment in 1.500 natural gas powered trucks.
Yangon network buses to use compressed natural gas
The supply of compressed natural gas (CNG) will be only for public buses in the new network, Yangon Region's chief minister Phyo Min Thein told a press conference.
Transportes de Murcia incorporates a new natural gas bus
The bus service of urban lines of the city of Murcia, Spain, has incorporated a new natural gas vehicle to its fleet, thus complying with the offer it submitted to the management contract and current trends in sustainability.
NGV consumption registers growth in Paraiba
With a volume of 31.5 million cubic meters marketed in the year, Compañia Paraibana de Gas (PBGás) recorded a growth of 2.5% in the consumption of natural gas for vehicles (NGV) in 2016 in relation to 2015.
Mahanagar Gas launches CNG fueled two-wheelers
Mahanagar Gas Limited (MGL) in association with M/s Eco Fuel (Indian partners of Lovato, Italy) launched compressed natural gas (CNG) fueled two-wheelers.
Czech Republic has 140 CNG service stations
In January 2014, the Czech Republic had a total of 50 public CNG stations, while at present there are 140 and a few others will start operating in January.
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