Delhi looks at re-tendering to buy 1.380 CNG buses
The Delhi Government will come out with the re-tendering process for buying 1,380 new compressed natural gas (CNG) buses by end of this month. The previous bidding process was cancelled as the tendering had elicited only a single bidder.
Gazprom and Gasunie sign framework agreement on small scale LNG
The Gazprom headquarters hosted a meeting between Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee and Han Fennema, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Gasunie.
Bergen Viking liquefied natural gas conversion completed
Bergen Viking left the shipyard and was put back in service for Norwegian oil company Statoil at the 17th of June 2015. From now the vessels propulsion will be 100% on liquefied natural gas (LNG), the cleanest fossil fuel in the world.
Ports of Tenerife will conclude the project to supply LNG to ships
The proposed introduction of liquefied natural gas to supply fuel to ships in ports of Tenerife, Spain, will be completed by the end of 2015.
NGV project for taxis would benefit the federal government in Queretaro
With the conversion of vehicles from gasoline to natural gas, taxi drivers would save 70 percent in Queretaro, as the second fuel is cheaper than the first.
Redexis subsidizes up to 350 euros for the taxis that use natural gas
Redexis Gas, which is in the business of transporting and distributing natural gas in Balearic Islands, announced a plan to help the taxi industry to use this energy source.
Australian Senate committee calls for transport energy plan
A Senate committee has called for a national transport energy plan and transport fuel supply risk assessment following hearings into the Australia’s transport energy resilience and sustainability.
Divergent Microfactories unveiled 3D-Printed Supercar powered by CNG
According to San Francisco firm Divergent Microfactories, the Blade is the first 3D printed supercar, and is created using a series of chassis parts held together by carbon rods - rather like a giant Lego kit.
Cairo receives 290 compressed natural gas fueled buses
The Public Transport Authority signed a contract with the Ukrainian City Transport Group for the supply of 290 natural gas-fueled buses in the Cairo Governorate with fund of EGP 500 million (USD 65.6 million).
Spanish Government is promoting alternative energies
The Cabinet approved an agreement for the implementation of the Strategy to Promote Alternative Energy Vehicles (VEA) in Spain from 2014 to 2020, whose aim is to increase the share of this type of units within the Spanish fleet.
EPM opens new refueling station for natural gas vehicles in Medellin
The new filling station is located 50 meters from the Zero Point Interchange towards the road 65, in an important strategic corridor of Aburrá Valley, Colombia.
All Gas begins test of vehicles fueled by biofuel generated from microalgae
The City of Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz - Spain) announced that the All Gas project will begin testing soon in vehicles fueled by biofuel generated from microalgae.
Energy approach to improve life quality and transportation in Ontario
Ontario can save billions of dollars in fuel costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 100 million tonnes by 2050 if it can include increased reliance on natural gas and electric vehicles.
New CNG stations reduce waiting time in Manaus
Following the opening of new filling stations for natural gas vehicles (NGV) in Manaus, Brazil, from March 2015 gaseous fuel users have more options to refuel and less waiting.
Low carbon fuel infrastructure will need £10 billion investment
Delivering a public refueling infrastructure that is necessary for the United Kingdom to meet its carbon emission reduction targets for transport will require investment of more than £10 billion (USD 15.7 billion) by 2050.
Public transport is the main cause of pollution in Monterrey
Public transport in Monterrey, Mexico, consumed over seven million liters of gasoline a day, which generates a significant problem of environmental pollution, said the State Secretary of Sustainable Development, Fernando Gutierrez Moreno.
Santiago de Chile studies using gas for taxis and buses
It is estimated that in Chile are around 10,000 taxis and buses running on gas, both natural or liquefied. One of the main advantages of using this fuel is generated by the environmental benefit.
India opens first green hydrogen fueling station
The station, located at the Solar Energy Centre near Delhi, generates 100% green’ hydrogen from solar energy via an electrolyser.
Scania receives order for 147 natural gas buses in Colombia
The Swedish truck manufacturer Scania has received an order for 147 buses powered by natural gas that meet the Euro 6 legislation by the Colombian city of Cartagena, as the company said in a statement.
Cusco started experimental phase with natural gas car
The Regional Government of Cusco, through the Office of International Technical Cooperation, launched the pilot phase of the first car powered by compressed natural gas.
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