Mexican truckers will invest in natural gas units
Trucking Alliance, which operates 30% of the units of public transport in the Mexican state of Jalisco, including BRT, will replace from November about 300 of its 1.470 trucks with natural gas units.
Ho Chi Minh City plans to expand public transport
The traffic condition in large Vietnamese cities like Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City has worsened in recent years and complaints are rising. Still, people have no choice but to rely on their personal vehicle, mostly motorbikes.
California launches natural gas vehicle incentive program
The U.S. California Energy Commission-funded Natural Gas Vehicle Incentive Project, which is intended to provide approximately USD 10.2 million in funding to reduce the purchase price of new, on-road natural gas vehicles, is now open to applicants.
Natural gas for vehicles reaches the Peruvian province of Barranca
The Peruvian Natural Gas Vehicles Association reports that last July 23 CNG came to the Lima province of Barranca, through a technical conference for transport companies, with the aim of knowing the outstanding benefits in use the gaseous fuel.
Trinidad and Tobago to get natural gas filling station
One acre of land in southwestern Tobago will be provided by the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) for a compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel station.
NGVAmerica names new director of technology & development
Daniel Bowerson will lead NGVAmerica programs that are related to industry technology, research priorities, best practices, and codes and standards development for natural gas vehicles and fueling infrastructure.
Biomethane powered tractor is tested in Italy
On the La Bellotta farm outside of Turin, Italy, the owners are demonstrating the concept of an energy-independent farm. And part of the mix is a unique New Holland tractor that runs on biogas produced at the farm.
Hyundai fueled by hydrogen travels record-breaking 2,383 km in 24 hours
Two hydrogen pioneers have taken real-world zero-emission motoring to a new level by driving a Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell 2,383 kilometres in 24 hours.
LADA releases a limited edition of Largus with CNG equipment
JSC Avtovaz together with its partners will launch a pilot production of LADA Largus CNG taxi version and will carefully analyze the technical features of its’ operation.
LNG Power Shipping places order for 200 LNG powered vessels
The Chinese company LNG Power Shipping has signed shipbuilding contracts with Honghua Offshore for the construction of 200 liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered vessels.
Gurgaon gets another CNG pump and plans six more
The sixth CNG station in the Indian city was thrown open to the public in Sector 57. The pump, located next to an Essar Oil petrol pump, will be operated by Haryana City Gas (HCG) Limited.
MTM signs exclusive multi-year contract with Eni SpA
MTM, through its CUBOGAS brand, announced it has signed a new exclusive multi-year contract with Eni S.p.A., an Italian multinational oil and gas company, to supply and maintain new CNG stations to be constructed in Italy.
Geman biogas competition 2015 for companies launched
Innovative companies from the biomethane industry can participate in the "2015 Biogas Partnership Competition" until 2 October.
Caterpillar working on Fure West LNG conversion
Caterpillar Marine informed it is working on another dual fuel engine retrofit conversion onboard the 472 foot Fure West tanker, owned by Furetank Rederi.
Project to produce biomethane from seaweed in the United Kingdom
The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) has announced that it is leading a £2.78 million collaboration to help strengthen the United Kingdom’s position as a world leader in industrial biotechnology.
World’s first dual-fueled dredger to be powered by Wärtsilä
This will be the first ever dredger to operate on engines capable of utilising either liquefied natural gas (LNG) or conventional marine fuels. The contract with Wärtsilä was signed in July.
NGVAmerica celebrates the passage of LNG tax fix by the U.S. Congress
NGVAmerica celebrates the passage of legislation by the House of Representatives and the Senate that corrects a longstanding inequity in the way LNG is taxed and will further expand the use of natural gas as a transportation fuel.
Freight Transport Association calls for green truck fund to support operators
The Freight Transport Association (FTA) is calling for a ‘green truck fund’ to help operators adopt environmental technologies following release of the latest figures from the U.K. Government’s Low Carbon Truck Trial.
Port of Singapore launches request to provide LNG for ships
The Port of Singapore launched its first Request for Proposal (RFP) for interested parties to apply for the liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunker supplier licence, which would allow the licencee to supply LNG bunker to vessels in the Port of Singapore.
Warning about the advantages of NGVs in London
The use of low emission natural gas powered transport is growing across the United Kingdom and Europe as a commercially and environmentally beneficial solution for powering the next generation of road vehicles.
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