MAN Lion's City GL CNG announced as Bus of the Year 2015
The 18.75 metre long natural gas-powered articulated bus cruised past the competition at full throttle in order to claim its place as 'Bus of the Year 2015'. The trophy will be awarded in September at the 2014 IAA Commercial Vehicles Fair.
2014 Honda City CNG launched in Thailand
Honda have launched a compressed natural gas (CNG) variant on the new City for the Thai market. The CNG City is available in three variants, two of which use a CVT gearbox.
Sales of natural gas motor fuel are surging in Texas
As of July 31, fiscal 2014 tax revenue from sales of compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) motor fuel totaled USD 2.178.199, according to the U.S. Texas state Comptroller’s office.
German natural gas powered vehicles and hybrid cars have the edge
According to the current environmental charts for cars issued by the German Automobile Club (VCD), natural gas powered vehicles and hybrid cars are particularly environmentally friendly.
Argentina NGV Association to receive delegation of Mozambique
Argentina NGV Association will be visited by a large delegation of businessmen and officials from Mozambique on August 25-26, 2014 interested in details of the activity of natural gas vehicles (NGV) in the South American country.
Volvo launches new version of the Volvo FE truck driven by CNG
Volvo Trucks is expanding its model range in Europe with a new version of the Volvo FE running entirely on methane gas.
Iveco and Coca-Cola test truck using natural gas in Brazil
Iveco and Coca-Cola Femsa Brazil perform tests with a 170E20 Tector truck powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) for delivery of drinks.
Environmentalists applaud decision favorable to CNG by the Government of Tijuana
The decision of the Municipal Government of Tijuana to use natural gas trucks on the Trunk Road is worthy of applause because this fuel is cheaper and more profitable for transport companies.
Bolivia to reduce subsidy for liquid fuels through natural gas vehicles
The conversion of vehicles to natural gas will allow next year to save USD 250 million on fuel subsidy, said the head of the Operational Unit of the Implementing Conversion Entity for Natural Gas Vehicles (EEC-GNV), Bruno Rios.
Cofide finances purchase of 137 buses for USD 10 million in Peru
The Development Finance Corporation (Cofide), through its Funded Gas Conversion Program (Cofigas) approved funding for USD 10 million to three transport companies for the purchase of buses powered by compressed natural gas in Peru.
Mainova incorporates new VW eco up CNG cars in Frankfurt
The German energy services company Mainova AG acquired 16 Volkswagen eco up cars powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), as part of its strategy to modernize the corporate fleet.
Some 700 cars are converted to CNG per day in Argentina
Between January and July this year, more than 128.000 gasoline or diesel vehicles were converted to compressed natural gas (CNG) in Argentina, which represents 49.1% more than a year earlier.
La Naval Shipyard awards hybrid CNG ferry contract to Corvus Energy
Corvus Energy and La Naval, a Spanish Shipyard, announced the award of the energy storage contract for an advanced hybrid compressed natural gas (CNG) ferry.
Parana authorizes online issuance of inspection report for NGV systems
An ordinance allowing the online emission of the annual inspection report for natural gas vehicle power systems was signed by the Traffic Department of the State of Paraná.
Gas vehicles are a necessity for the Colombian city of Pereira
The public transport vehicles in the Colombian city of Pereira should run on natural gas instead of diesel, considering that this could save operators to over 30% of consumption.
Santa Catarina gives discount for CNG refueling stations
In order to increase the number compressed natural gas (CNG) users, Gas Company of Santa Catarina (SCGás) implemented in July this year, a discount rate for CNG sold at filling stations in the Brazilian state.
First of the new Bangkok NGV buses expected to come into service in January
The first of the thousands of new buses for commuters in Bangkok are expected to be put into service in January next year, according to the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA).
LNG project will benefit 32 Bolivian cities with natural gas
Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB) will benefit 32 intermediate cities with the second phase of the virtual system of liquefied natural gas (LNG), according to the CEO of the company, Carlos Villegas.
Gas Energy Australia requests incentives for natural gas powered trucks
The peak lobby group representing the gaseous fuel industry says financial incentives are needed to encourage people to switch to gas to curb carbon emissions.
Swedish biomethane advances with new processing plant
Sweden’s leading role in bioenergy production is set to be further enhanced with the news that Schmack Carbotech (Germany) has been awarded a contract to design and build a new 2000 Nm³/h processing plant just south of Stockholm.
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