Indonesia decides to invest in the replacement of oil by natural gas
The Indonesian government has speeded up efforts to shift the reliance from fossil fuel to abundant natural gas in an attempt to boost efficiency and diminish air pollution.
Bangladesh increases economic life of CNG autorickshaws in a year
The government of Bangladesh has increased the economic lifetime of four-stroke three-wheeler auto-rickshaws by one year, following a recommendation by Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET).
Use of natural gas is proposed for fuel economy in Ecuador
The Provincial Taxi Cooperative Union of El Oro in Ecuador, proposes the use of natural gas in its fleet to save fuel and protect the environment.
Peruvian Energigas plans to build two new bottling plants and seven CNG stations
Peruvian company Energigas plans to invest about USD 25 million in projects that consider new facilities, purchase of trucks for transportation of compressed natural gas (CNG) and filling stations for natural gas vehicles (NGV) in 2014.
Gas Natural Fenosa launches a new LNG and CNG refueling station for vehicles
Gas Natural Fenosa has opened a new filling station for liquefied natural gas in Motilla Palancar (Cuenca), which expands to 16 the number of stations of this fuel in Spain and places it as the fourth country in the world with more LNG stations.
India struggles to control pollution from their vehicles
A survey on vehicle emissions in India released by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) in November found the number of vehicles on the countryís roads has nearly trebled to 130 million in 2013, from 50 million in 2003.
Vilnius puts into service new buses feeded by compressed natural gas
In late January, 19 more new ecological compressed natural gas (CNG) buses will be put into service in Vilnius, Lithuania. This will be the second upgrade by the UAB Vilniaus Viesasis Transportas (Vilnius Public Transport) vehicle fleet.
Five builders competing for contract to build three LNG powered ships for BC Ferries
A request for proposals has been issued to the pre-qualified shipyards in Vancouver, Norway, Germany, Poland and Turkey to build two vessels capable of carrying 145 vehicles and 600 passengers, and a third ship able to carry 125 vehicles.
Argentina Natural Gas Vehicles Association elects new Board of Directors
On December 12, in compliance with its rules, the Argentina Natural Gas Vehicles Association conducted a General Assembly where new officers were elected and discussed the main guidelines for the coming year.
Shell Canada and Caterpillar sign agreement exploring LNG fueling options for mining trucks
Shell Canada and Caterpillar have signed an agreement to test a new engine and fuel mix using liquefied natural gas (LNG) that could reduce operating costs and lead to reduced emissions from oil sands mining in northern Alberta.
Natural gas vehicles use predicted to surge next year in Thailand
Natural gas for vehicles (NGV) is expected to become more popular among Thai motorists in 2014 on account of its stable price, in contrast to other types of fuel which have been seeing continuous price hikes.
Spain to save up to 50% with the use of natural gas in transportation
Compressed natural gas as fuel for cars is 41% cheaper than diesel and 50% more than gasoline in Spain, according to a report on the fuel produced by the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers and Bosch.
Gazprom strengthens positions in international natural gas vehicle markets
The Gazprom Management Committee took notice of the information about the company's efforts aimed at expanding natural gas use as a vehicle fuel abroad.
Malaga to have its first public refueling station for natural gas
The station will have a deposit of 60 square meters, which will have a capacity of up to 200 trucks a year, and it also has a double pump for compressed natural gas refueling to serve up to 600 vehicles a year.
Beijing to replace 80 percent of its fleet by electric and CNG buses
Beijing will replace 80 percent of its buses with new-energy and clean-fuel vehicles by the end of 2017 in an attempt to reduce vehicle emissions and ease pollution in the capital city of China.
Toulouse will expand its fleet of CNG buses and forecasts gradual use of biomethane
In a press release issued on December 12, 2013, Tissťo, the union that manages the bus agglomeration of Toulouse, said its fleet of 800 buses will run on a 60% to natural gas for vehicles (NGV), compared with the current 30%, by 2025.
Businesses and local governments in Colorado agree to boost natural gas vehicles
Nearly 30 U.S. Colorado local governments, businesses and mass transit agencies have signed onto a Memorandum of Understanding with the state to buy more natural gas-fueled vehicles (NGVs) for their fleets.
BOC and Stobart Group presents new liquefied natural gas refueling station
BOC and Stobart Group welcomed Jon Horsley, from the UKís innovation agency the Technology Strategy Board, to Eddie Stobartís new liquefied natural gas refueling station near Warrington, Cheshire.
Ministry of Finance starts using CNG vehicles to reduce carbon emissions in Abu Dhabi
As part of its efforts to promote environment-friendly practices, the Ministry of Finance has announced that it has started using a number of green vehicles which run on compressed natural gas (CNG).
Italian Government signs decree to permit the use of biomethane
The Italian Consortium of Biogas, NGV Italia and Assogasmetano expressed appreciation for the signature of the interministerial decree authorizing the use of biomethane within the network and for cars by the Italian Minister of Agriculture.
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