Progressive Waste Solutions opens Canada's largest renewable natural gas facility
Progressive Waste Solutions Ltd. celebrated the official opening of its renewable natural gas facility, the largest of its kind in Canada and one of the largest in North America.
Villeurbanne inaugurates its first CNG station open to the public
GNVert, GrDF, Ademe, the metropolis of Lyon and the city of Villeurbanne inaugurated the first compressed natural gas (CNG) filling station open to the public in the region.
European Commission unveils strategy to create energy union
The European Commission (EC) has announced a strategy to create an energy union across the EU to lower prices, increase security of supply and cut CO2 emissions.
Benefits of using CNG as fuel for taxis in San Luis Potosi
On Thursday in the Antipollution Verification Center of the Center for Automotive Research (Cedva) some tests were performed to calculate the emission of toxic gases in an engine adapted for the use of natural gas as fuel.
ENN opens LNG station for heavy vehicles in the United Kingdom
ENN has announced the opening of its first LNG filling station in the United Kingdom for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs). The station is being used by Whitbread operating at Kuehne + Nagel’s depot in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.
Renault Trucks continues to develop natural gas powered vehicles
The new Renault Trucks D Wide CNG Euro 6 works with both natural gas and biomethane. Both alternatives are adapted perfectly to urban and suburban use, ensuring a significant reduction in emissions.
Madrid wants to promote the use of natural gas in vehicles
Madrileña Red de Gas and the Madrid Automobile Dealers Association have signed cooperation framework agreement to jointly promote the use of natural gas in the automotive sector.
Law to build a CNG station in Chuquisaca was approved
Bolivian Senate passed a bill to transfer land for the construction of a station in the town of San Lucas, Chuquisaca, so it gives viability to the provinces North and South Cinti be provided gasoline, diesel and natural gas.
Project suggests the use of natural gas for official vehicles in Curitiba
Councillor Carla Pimentel has introduced a bill in the Brazilian city of Curitiba, capital of Paraná, proposing mandatory use of compressed natural gas (CNG) for vehicles of municipal administration.
Iveco highlights the contribution of natural gas for efficient transport
Pierre Lahutte, President of the Iveco brand, stressed the importance of efficient transport as key to European growth and competitiveness at the annual conference of Eurogas in Brussels.
Argos takes delivery of UK’s first Euro 6 gas-powered Scania
The UK’s first dedicated Euro 6 natural gas-powered Scania tractor unit has now entered service with leading UK digital retailer, Argos, with four more being commissioned later this month.
100% of EMT buses belong to the so-called green fleet
The Mayor of Madrid and President of the EMT, Ana Botella, has introduced buses that make up this fleet and also a new plane that brings a simple and understandable way for 13 itineraries.
Galicia is postulated to lead LNG use in maritime transport
The Regional Minister of Economy and Industry, Francisco Conde, stressed today that Galicia is set to be one of the communities that will play a "key role" in the development of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as fuel for shipping.
AES Dominicana could supply all the demand for natural gas
The company AES Dominicana said storage capacity is 160.000 cubic meters of natural gas in liquid form, which is sufficient to meet local and regional needs at this time.
Hamilton awards New Flyer a contract for 18 CNG buses
The City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada awarded New Flyer a contract for 18 (36 equivalent units) heavy-duty 60-foot Xcelsior® compressed natural gas (CNG) buses.
Michael Bloomberg arrived at summit in New Delhi in CNG autorickshaw
As strong supporter of energy-efficient and sustainable public transportation, Bloomberg took a compressed natural gas (CNG) autorickshaw to reach the venue of the RE-INVEST at the Ashok Hotel.
Gazprom promotes liquefied and compressed natural gas in Russia
Gazprom Transgaz Ekaterinburg has recently advanced new technology that would make it possible to fuel vehicles with liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas as fuel, saving companies four times the expenses for traditional fuel.
Farewell to Fausto Maranca, NGV pioneer in Argentina
The businessman, founder of the firm Galileo Technologies and the Argentine Compressed Natural Gas Association, left an immeasurable personal and professional legacy among his colleagues and friends.
Energy Union pushes for breaking oil dependence and decarbonising transport
NGVA Europe welcomes the Energy Union Strategy, a long term plan for reorganising the European Union’s energy and climate policy introduced by the European Commission on 25 February.
LNG uptake for freight transport in Portugal supported by EU
The European Union's TEN-T Programme will back with over €150,000 the national policy development for the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Portuguese road transport.
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