Road test results for heavy-duty trucks powered by LNG in Poland
Significant fuel cost decrease and reduction of exhaust gases emission – these are two main conclusions of half year road tests of Iveco Stralis LNG at Poland.
Asturias seeks to capitalize on the construction of a thousand LNG ships
Asturias, with two ports in Gijon and Aviles; a regasification plant, two shipyards as Gondán and Armon, and a company like EdP, which is also committed to LNG, is positioned to play an important role in this area.
Celaya optimizes compressed natural gas taxis
The use of natural gas vehicles (NGV) will allow taxi drivers offer a better service and better units; thus they plan to compete with executive services like Uber.
Isuzu releases natural gas model in Mexico
The Japanese firm adds to its range an alternative to help reduce air emissions and provide a reduction in operating costs of its customers in Mexico; this is the new ELF 500 powered by natural gas, with a gross vehicle weight of 7,257 kg.
Trinidad & Tobago gets its first CNG maxi taxi
Trinidad & Tobago’s first compressed natural gas (CNG) maxi taxi is expected to make its debut by August 31.
MAN offers natural gas urban buses to Madrid and Barcelona
About a third of new city buses in Madrid and Barcelona will be in charge of MAN Truck & Bus Iberia, who won public tenders launched by public transport operators of the two Spanish largest cities.
Public transport of San Luis Potosi migrates to natural gas
The urban public transport system began a process through which, gradually, the units providing the service will use natural gas as fuel, instead of traditional gasoline. That will reduce pollutant emissions and enable sustainable growth.
New natural gas filling station to open in Turku
Gasum will open an LCNG filling station intended particularly for heavy-duty vehicles by the Tuontiväylä road close to the Port of Turku in late September 2016.
Balearia handles one of the largest LNG ferries in the world
The shipping company Balearia has signed with seven banks a funding of 131.4 million euros for a new boat with capacity for more than 1.700 people and powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG), which will be built at the beginning of 2019.
New director of the NGV Conversion Entity in Bolivia
Alejandra Huaylla will be the new Executive Director of the Implementing Entity for Conversion to Natural Gas Vehicles (EEC-GNV).
Mexican NGV refueling stations will increase from 19 to 1.000
In the next five years filling stations for gas vehicles will reach thousand units because of the need that exists to exploit the available natural gas and the cost of this fuel. Currently there are operating 19 NGV stations throughout the country.
Ho Chi Minh City continues encouraging use of CNG buses
A new environment-friendly bus route was launched in Ho Chi Minh City in early August as part of an ongoing effort to improve the quality of the transport service.
Bangalore to get first CNG refueling station soon
Vehicle owners in the Indian city wanting to shift to a cleaner fuel will be able to make the switch to compressed natural gas (CNG) as GAIL Gas will be inaugurating the city’s first CNG refueling station in the coming weeks.
Transportes de Murcia incorporates a new natural gas bus
The shuttle bus urban line of the city of Murcia, Spain, incorporates a new natural gas vehicle to its fleet, fulfilling the provisions of the offer presented by Transportes de Murcia to contest the contract management.
Iveco achieves CNG bus success in Baku
Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, has modernized its public transport fleet with the delivery of 151 compressed natural gas (CNG) powered, 12m-long Crealis buses.
Record increase for CNG conversions in Campinas
The increase in fuel prices in the last quarter of 2015 has increased interest of consumers for natural gas vehicles. In the first half of this year, the Gas Company of Sao Paulo recorded the highest number of CNG conversions since 2011.
Department of Energy introduces NGV program in Cagayan
The Department of Energy of Philippines (DOE) recently promoted the Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) program in this province as an energy efficient public transport.
476 vehicles in United Arab Emirates converted to operate on natural gas
A total of 476 vehicles were converted to operate on natural gas during the first half of 2016, according to Emirates Transport, who has been taking ambitious steps to safeguard the environment by promoting green practices among the public.
Madrid approves grant for cleaner fuels
The Governing Council of the Community of Madrid, Spain, approved to subsidize the adaptation of vehicles so they can use less expensive and polluting fuels through two "Renove" plans.
Federmetano chooses Licia Balboni as its new president
Licia Balboni is the new president of Federmetano, the Italian federation of distributors and transporters of natural gas. Her election took place during the meeting of the Executive Committee and shall hold office for four years.
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