Haryana to set up 10 new CNG stations
Haryana City Gas Distribution Limited will set up 10 more CNG stations to reduce the long queues at the existing 10 stations in the city caused by the spike in demand after the Supreme Court's order to stop registration of diesel taxis.
FPT Industrial unveils Cursor 9 CNG at Beijing Bus and Truck Show
FPT Industrial extends its range of on-road alternative fuel solutions with the first real 9 liter diesel equivalent at the Beijing Bus and Truck Show (May 23-26, 2016).
Rolls Royce’s MTU develops high-speed pure LNG engine
Rolls-Royce’s high speed engine unit MTU is developing the first high-speed marine engines to operate on pure gas, with first applications planned on European ferries.
Taxi owner gets first CNG grant approval in Trinidad and Tobago
One maxi-taxi owner has received approval for the first National Gas Company (NGC) CNG Maxi Taxi investment grant.
Seat vehicles will be test biomethane over 120.000 kilometers
The XII edition of the Conference on Solid Waste Biomethanation (Biometa 2016), held on May 11-12 in Barcelona, ​​Spain, has served to expose and analyze different treatment strategies of this type of waste.
Mozambique to open three more filling stations for gas vehicles
Autogas, the company which sells compressed natural gas (CNG) for use as a vehicle fuel, has announced that it is building three more filling stations in southern Mozambique.
Spanish wine company introduces tractor prototype powered by methane
The wine company Bodegas Torres, located in Vilafranca, has begun to conduct the first trials in Spain with a prototype tractor powered with methane, which has been developed by the agricultural machinery manufacturer New Holland.
Natural gas is cheaper for consumers in Alagoas
The new price is due to a reduction of about 7% of the cost of gas purchased by Petrobras to the natural gas distributor in the Brazilian state of Alagoas, Algás.
Primagaz and PitPoint to form new joint-venture to develop LNG market
Primagaz Nederland BV and PitPoint Clean Fuels signed an agreement on the takeover of 50% of the shares of PitPoint LNG by Primagaz. This newly formed joint venture will focus entirely on the exploitation of LNG for the automotive and marine market.
Secured budget to start NGV program in Tarija
The Departmental Director of the Bolivian NGV Conversion Program, Javier Zenteno, said the Governor of Tarija, Adrian Oliva, has given the green light to revive the project.
CNH uses an Iveco Tector CNG at its plant in Sorocaba
A light heavyweight Iveco Tector truck powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) began circulating in the CNH Industrial complex in the city of Sorocaba, in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo.
Spain promotes the use of natural gas in maritime transport
The European Commission has launched the Core LNGas hive project, coordinated by Enagás, whose investment amounts to 33 million euros, to boost liquefied natural gas (LNG) as fuel in the transport sector.
New NGV station in the border area of Caia
A filling station for compressed natural gas (CNG), a more competitive and environmentally friendly fuel, has recently opened in Caia, Elvas county, Portugal.
Changfeng announces completion of Sanya CNG/LNG station in Sanya City
Sanya CNG/LNG Station is designed to have a daily capacity of 30,000m3 and mainly supplies gas to public buses and taxis owned by Sanya Public Transit Group.
First CNG buses in Transmilenio system of Bogota
Gas Natural Fenosa announced the entry of new buses that run only with compressed natural gas (CNG) as fuel to Transmilenio Mass Transit System.
Georgia receives two grants to buy 200 CNG buses
Between 150-200 new energy efficient buses will soon be introduced to the bus fleet in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi thanks to two grants totaling €34 million.
Progress on WR Bio-Methane that could compete at Le Mans 2017
The prototype powered by biomethane that the French team Welter Racing will put in competition through the Box 56 in the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2017, has been seen in their tests in the wind tunnel.
Mexican city government will switch to natural gas
In less than a month, vehicles owned by the Government of Mexico City will replace liquid fuel by natural gas, as was announced by the head of city government, Miguel Angel Mancera.
NGV consumption grows in Sao Paulo
With savings of up to 60% compared to liquid fuels, the sale of natural gas for vehicles (NGV) has increased in the area supplied by GasBrasiliano.
HAM bets for Scania LNG trucks to transport cryogenic gas
HAM, which is a pioneer in the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Europe, has recently acquired two units Scania G340 LNG for transportation of cryogenic gases.
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