Bolivian transport seeks CNG motorbike conversion by 2016
Tarija’s Transport Federation 15 de Abril, in Bolivia, will seek to consolidate the 2016 restructuring of the motorcycles fleet from gasoline to natural gas.
Spanish University and Disfrimur seek to achieve zero emissions using NGVs
The Technical University of Cartagena and the logistics company Disfrimur, in Spain, have launched an investigation to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere through use of natural gas and hydrogen in 400 trucks.
Korean government to develop natural gas through 2029
The Korean government has decided to expand the use of natural gas to lower the nation’s dependence on crude imports and realize the carbon emissions reduction target it voluntarily made in Paris.
85% of Madrid buses will operate on natural gas in 2016
The Madrid City Council has approved their budgets confirming the purchase of 200 new buses by 2016, of which 170 will run on gas, which means that 85% of vehicles purchased will use this fuel.
Gurgaon to have more CNG pumps
Huda City allotted land for five new compressed natural gas (CNG) stations in the metropolis, a day after auto drivers had expressed concerns over the current infrastructure being able to meet the additional demand for CNG.
CNG powered buses to soon ply on Dubai roads
The Roads and Transport Authority's (RTA) Public Transport Agency will soon start a trial operation of a bus powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) on an internal route in Dubai.
Augsburger Stadtwerke modernizes bus fleet with natural gas units
Augsburger Stadtwerke has the ambitious aim of making its entire local public transport operation CO2-neutral by 2017.
Salamanca CNG bus fleet will be renewed in 2016
The fleet of buses in Salamanca, Spain, will be renewed in 2016 with the purchase of three vehicles, which will replace others that have already passed twelve years in operation.
NGV conversion reached more than 300.000 vehicles in Bolivia
The Minister of Hydrocarbons and Energy, Luis Alberto Sanchez, reported that so far more than 330.000 vehicles were converted from gasoline to natural gas across the country, with the goal of changing the energy matrix in Bolivia.
Speed skating champion opens first Dutch highway biogas station
Dutch speed skating champion and OrangeGas-ambassador Annette Gerritsen opens first Dutch highway biogas-filling station.
Methane car Seat Mii Ecofuel is Green Car of the Year 2015 in Finland
Green Car of the Year 2015 in Finland is Seat Mii Ecofuel. Green Car of the Year has been selected annually since 1996 in Finland. In 2015 the 20th selection was made and for the first time a methane car was chosen.
Iveco France delivers its 1000th natural gas vehicle to CityLogistics
Iveco has delivered its 1,000th commercial vehicle to be powered by natural gas in France. The recipient of this milestone unit is French company CityLogistics, which provides urban logistics services and deliveries in the cities of Lyon and Villeurbanne.
Changfeng begins construction of CNG/LNG station in Sanya City
Changfeng Energy Inc., a natural gas utility in China, is pleased to announce that the Company has commenced the construction of a CNG/LNG refueling retail station in Sanya City, Hainan Province, China.
546 new natural gas trucks for Tijuana
The first phase of the Integrated Transport System of Tijuana (SITT) will have 546 new units powered by natural gas, with a length of 12 meters and low inputs, which will run on the main route and feeding the colonies.
Teck Resources to use LNG trucks in Canada
Teck Resources has partnered up with FortisBC to start using liquefied natural gas (LNG) in a fleet of six trucks at its Fording River coal mine in Canada.
Record in conversion of vehicles to natural gas in San Pablo
The number of vehicle conversions to natural gas in the main consumption areas of San Pablo, Brazil, in November reached the largest amount in five years, with 504 operations.
Palmira pioneered natural gas use for buses fleet
The agricultural capital of Colombia became the first city to have a model of mass transit powered by natural gas in the Valle del Cauca.
MAN to deliver 33 CNG buses before end of year in Spain
The brand manufacturer MAN is delivering 33 units of its Lion's City bus powered by compressed natural gas before the end of this year, as reported by Manuel Fraile, Commercial Director of MAN Truck & Bus Iberia.
Iveco involved in COP21 with natural gas vehicles
Iveco and Irisbus showed, within the framework of the 21st session of the United Nations Climate Conference (COP 21) in Paris, 16 particularly efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles.
Antares Group opens first CNG filling station in Romania
Antares Group has opened the first compressed natural gas (CNG) filling station in Romania after a €3.2 million (USD 3.51 million) investment.
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