Volvo Trucks bets on natural gas powered trucks
Reducing emissions is the workhorse of manufacturers, even those of heavy-duty vehicles, and the Swedish manufacturer wants to meet this challenge through the introduction of natural gas vehicles.
Fedecámaras Bolívar encourages the use of natural gas for vehicles
The Federation of Chambers and Associations of Commerce and Production of Venezuela (Fedecámaras), regional Bolivar, recommends the use of natural gas vehicles.
President Macri visited power plant fueled by Galileo LNG Virtual Gas Pipeline
Argentine President Mauricio Macri visited the thermoelectric plant recently inaugurated by Methax, the generator company of the Galileo Group, in the town of Anchoris, Province of Mendoza.
Estonia to subsidize biomethane production
Beginning next year, Estonian companies will be able to begin applying for state subsidies for the production of biomethane, the goal of which is to boost consumption of the domestically produced and more environmentally friendly fuel.
Two thousand taxis will be converted to CNG in one year in Pune
Close to 2.000 Ola cabs in Pune, India, will be switched to compressed natural gas (CNG) in a year's time. A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed to this effect by the online cab aggregator and Maharashtra Natural Gas Ltd.
Germany points to LNG as the only large-scale alternative to diesel
The German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) has published its "Initiative for environmentally friendly road transport" to achieve the goal of reducing global emissions of greenhouse gases in 95% by 2050.
Morelian transporters join natural gas use
More and more carriers are joining the Public Transport Vehicle Conversion Program for the Use of Natural Gas, which drives the City of Morelia, Mexico.
Seur incorporates two natural gas trailers in Spain
Seur announces to incorporate two natural gas trailers to its fleet as one of the main measures of its commitment to the use of alternative vehicles in Spain.
Ireland examined the role natural gas will play in energy future
Gas Networks Ireland (GNI) proudly sponsored “The Road to 2050: The Future of Gas Infrastructure in Ireland”, a one-day conference examining the contribution gas and its infrastructure can make to a low-carbon energy future in Ireland.
Correos to use natural gas in four trucks of its fleet
The Spanish postal and parcel company Correos will participate in the European mobility project ECO-GATE, with the transformation of four vehicles from its fleet to compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) as fuel.
Iveco Bus introduces Crossway Low Entry Natural Power
As a pioneer brand in the development of alternative traction and successive successes of its hybrid and natural gas vehicles, Iveco Bus goes one step further in the new energy sector with its Crossway range.
Cálidda announces greater presence in Peruvian natural gas market
Cálidda, a subsidiary of Bogotá Energy Company (EEB), announced investments of USD 500 million, which will enable it to increase its presence in the natural gas distribution business in Lima, capital of Peru.
Volkswagen Group Logistics and Scania support LNG trucks
Volkswagen Group Logistics, together with Scania, a brand of the Volkswagen Truck & Bus Group, are in favor of the use of LNG as a truck fuel.
California passes Clean Air Initiative to reduce emissions
The U.S. California state legislature passed a landmark series of bills that provides USD 895 million towards programs that will reduce air pollution from mobile sources.
NGC CNG rewards CNG converts in Trinidad and Tobago
NGC CNG has started the distribution of incentives to maxi taxi, taxi, and private school bus owners who have transitioned to compressed natural gas (CNG).
Santa Cruz achieves record development in natural gas
The Bolivian Minister of Hydrocarbons, Luis Sánchez, reported that "by royalties and direct taxes on hydrocarbons, the department of Santa Cruz recovered USD 2.243 million over 11 years, from 2006 to 2016.
Hyundai introduces CNG powered Xcent Prime
Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) has introduced the factory-fitted compressed natural gas (CNG) in Hyundai Xcent Prime making it the first among commercial segment sedans.
Argentina could generate half of the gas it consumes from its cows
Galileo's President and CEO, Osvaldo del Campo, said that with the biogas that can be produced from the organic waste of the cow, it is possible to generate "half the gas" consumed by Argentina.
400 CNG fueled Maz buses for Tehran and Tabriz
Azhitechs, an Iranian commercial vehicle producer and the official representative of Belarus’s Maz Trucks, is set to deliver 400 CNG-powered city buses to Tehran and Tabriz municipalities.
Mexico City to incorporate 200 CNG buses
The Government of Mexico City will remove 882 microbuses from the Calzada de Tlalpan, San Antonio Abad and Pino Suárez avenues, as well as the Mexico-Cuernavaca federal highway and the Mexico-Cuernavaca motorway.
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