Natural gas bus for public transport in Santiago de Chile

July 26, 2019. The Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications of Chile, Gloria Hutt, presented the new natural gas bus of the Red system that will circulate through the streets of the capital.

This is a pilot plan that will test the operation of this unit on route 104 (from Puente Alto to the Los Leones metro in Providencia).

The vehicle has an internal combustion engine considered the least polluting in the world, which compared with diesel reduces by 80% the particulate material and by 90% nitrogen oxide.

The Minister said that the greatest contribution of this initiative is to improve air quality, and project its implementation in regions. “Its great contribution is the significant reduction of emissions, with this we are also trying to contribute to better air quality. Here we have to improve public transport, but we also have a very strong pressure for less polluted air, especially in Santiago, but when we look at the situation of regions we see that it is a major urgency that we have to address and the contribution of public transport can be very important,” said the official.

Approximately six months of evaluation for this bus that, according to the Ministry, has a capacity for 101 passengers (30 seated and 71 standing).

Regarding the figures, it is expected that in a year 412 tons of CO2 will be reduced compared to what diesel pollutes.

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