Colombian natural gas vehicles will have tariff reduction

December 2, 2019. This was highlighted by the Colombian Association of Natural Gas (Naturgas) taking into account Decree 2051 of November 13, 2019 that modifies the customs tariff for the importation of vehicles.

“We welcome the decision of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, and the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development to reduce the tariff levy to 5% for the importation of vehicles with an engine operating exclusively with natural gas, which responds to the need to encourage sustainable mobility in the country that improves the air quality and health of Colombians,” said Orlando Cabrales Segovia, President of Naturgas.

The decree explains that the Committee on Customs, Tariffs and Foreign Trade, recommended the reduction of tariffs in order to comply with international commitments and public policies related to human health protection, improvement of air quality and reduction of dependence of non-renewable fossil fuels.

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