Tehran bus fleet equipped with 500 CNG tanks

July 16, 2019. Some 500 compressed natural gas (CNG) tanks have been provided to the buses running in the Iranian capital’s transport fleet replacing the old ones, head of public transport and urban traffic affairs of the Municipalities and Village Administrations Organization, Marzieh Hesari, has announced.

“There are 3,000 buses running on CNG in the country’s public transport fleet, some of which are old and damaged,” she said.

The CNG price has risen by 10 percent since the beginning of last month in order to be earmarked for rehabilitation of bus fleet and replacing the old CNG tanks, she noted.

She went on to explain that the Ministry of Interior proposed a plan in this regard, which was approved by the cabinet of ministers in March 2019. The plan was first piloted in Tehran due to having the biggest bus transport fleet in the country, she further highlighted, adding, also there are more clunker buses in the capital and there is a need for higher supervision and controlling of the results.

She also expressed hope that the plan would be soon implemented in all provinces across the country, in case the budget is provided. The implementation of such plans will have a major role in reducing air pollution in metropolitan areas and will soon lead to an increase in the share of clean fuels in the country, she concluded.

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