IVECO Argentina continues to grow in sustainable mobility in the country

October 23, 2019. IVECO Argentina, a brand belonging to the CNH Industrial group and pioneer in the development of vehicles moved with alternative energy, continues rolling towards a more sustainable transport with delivery of the first Daily Van to CNG that runs through the streets of the City of Buenos Aires.

The delivery of the first utility with alternative energy in the country, awarded to the Subsecretariat of Transit and Transportation, and the General Directorate of Maintenance and Workshops, was carried out in the Lezama Park, located in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

“We are proud to offer a product with low operating costs and to contribute to the reduction of polluting emissions. The Daily Van, which is already serving in different green spaces of the city, is a projected, designed and manufactured vehicle to work exclusively on gas and obtains the same performance and durability compared to a diesel vehicle,” said Julián Recupero, Product Manager of IVECO Argentina.

The first company authorized to sell CNG vehicles in Argentina, has more than 20 years of experience in the European market with awards worldwide.

“The oil that lubricates the vehicle’s power plant is less contaminated, so it increases the intervals between oil changes. In addition, it does not form sediments and keeps the spark plugs clean, does not wash the walls of the engine cylinders and allows a more effective lubrication, which translates into a lower maintenance cost” concluded Recupero.

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