Iveco Bus exports its first CNG buses to Peru

The first units of the 17-210G chassis produced in Argentina recently arrived at Andes Motor Peru.

November 9, 2023. Iveco Bus announced during 2022 the production of the 17-210G chassis in the factory that the company owns in Córdoba, Argentina. It is the first natural gas bus manufactured in the country.

The first units of this chassis recently arrived at Andes Motor Peru to be bodyworked and subsequently carry out the necessary tests in view of a potential demand for this type of units in urban transport.

Gas as an alternative fuel contributes strongly to reducing the impact on the environment. For Iveco Bus, the development of sustainable passenger transport is part of one of the main pillars in its business strategy and, taking advantage of a global experience of more than 25 years in research and development on alternative fuels, the company works day by day to offer innovative responses for sustainable, but also profitable, transportation.

“Just as it is now arriving in Peru, our objective is that this product can also be available in Brazil, Colombia, Chile and other countries in Latin America that are encouraging the integration of new technologies to achieve reductions in carbon emissions,” commented Danilo Fetzner, Commercial Director of Iveco Bus for Latin America.

That is why the company has its Natural Power range with vehicles powered by clean energy that offer performance similar to diesel, with the advantage of reducing nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 90%, particle emissions by 99% and even 95% carbon dioxide emissions when biomethane is used as fuel.

The 17-210G is a sustainable, efficient and maneuverable product, ideal for urban and peri-urban use. “This vehicle comes to complete the brand’s extensive product portfolio. The chassis is produced for a 17-ton, 210hp vehicle and prepared for bodies measuring 12 to 13.8 meters. Its approximate range is 250km. We know the needs of our customers in the region and that is why our expectations with this vehicle are high. We are very happy that the first units are arriving in the region,” added Fetzner.

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