Open Tour Paris launches the first tourist bus fueled by CNG

October 21, 2019. Open Tour Paris, a subsidiary of the RATP group, is launched into natural gas vehicles (NGV). This innovation was presented at BusWorld, in Brussels, on October 17.

The first 6 natural gas buses are already on the network lines. By 2024, 100% of the Open Tour Paris fleet will be clean. Another 6 units of the fleet are 100% electric.

Open Tour Paris has partnered with the manufacturer UNVI to design the first convertible vehicle with open roof that works with NGV. Unprecedented in the market, this 12-meter vehicle can carry almost 70 passengers. Its range of 500 km/day allows the vehicle to guarantee up to 250 stops.

“Committed to the City of Paris and the Energy and Environment Agency of France (ADEME) for more sustainable mobility for many years, Open Tour Paris is proud to be a leader with almost a third of its fleet of vehicles converted into clean energy. Today, we are proud to be able to combine tourism appeal and respect for the environment while offering our customers an innovative and sustainable service on board,” said Fabrice Bayon, Director of Open Tour Paris.

The Group already operates about 1,200 hybrid buses, 100 electric buses and 150 buses that use natural gas in several cities in France and internationally. In London, two lines were completely converted to electricity in 2018.

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