Skoda Scala expands its offer with natural gas variant

June 28, 2019. Last year saw the arrival in the automotive market of a model much desired by those customers who were looking for a product of compact size, with remarkable dynamic skills and an affordable price. The result was the Skoda Scala, a car that has just announced the arrival of its most ecological variant of all, which boasts the ECO label of the Spanish General Traffic Management (DGT).

It is the G-Tec version, or what is the same, that which is driven by compressed natural gas (CNG). We speak of a motorization that completes the list of mechanical options of the Czech compact, with a three-cylinder engine and 1.0 liters of displacement that develops a power of 90 horses and a maximum torque of 160 Nm. We are facing an engine whose strong point will be the savings in the pocket of its owner.

Since it has three CNG tanks, totaling 13.8 kilos of gas, the Scala offers a range of 410 kilometers using this fuel exclusively, to which we must add another 220 km from a small gasoline tank of 9 liters. In this way, the total range offered by the compact amounts to 630 kilometers. It should be noted that the passage from one fuel to another occurs only when natural gas has exhausted all its stocks.

In the words of the Skoda Technical Development Manager, Christian Strube: “Natural gas will play a key role in the Skoda engine offer in the coming years to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Our natural gas engines are increasingly popular among our customers because of their low emissions.”

This new mechanical option will be associated with a six-speed manual gearbox, achieving, according to the brand, that when circulating with CNG, carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by up to 25% compared to when gasoline is used. In addition, it should be noted that despite the presence of the three natural gas tanks, the trunk offers a volume of 339 liters. The arrival at the dealerships is expected for the last quarter of this year.

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