Snam, Scania and DN Logistica bet on the use of LNG in transport

January 28, 2020. The new fleet of liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicles from DN Logistica has been introduced: the vehicles (100 in the next five years) will be used by Snam to transport steel pipes throughout Italy. The units guarantee the reduction of emissions of pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, particles and carbon monoxide and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

At the Snam headquarters in San Donato Milanese, the company led by the Managing Director Marco Alverà presented, together with Scania and DN Logistica, a sustainable mobility project that involves the progressive conversion of the truck fleet from DN Logistica to LNG, Snam supplier specialized in the transport of steel tubes throughout the national territory.

The DN Logistica fleet will consist of 100 LNG vehicles in the next five years. Scania delivered the first vehicles: these are trucks equipped with a 13-liter natural gas engine, with a torque of 2,000 Nm and 410 horsepower, with autonomy of up to 1,100 km and a performance comparable to a diesel engine of equal power.

“The partnership with Scania and DN Logistica – said Federico Ermoli, Director of Transition of Energy of Snam – is part of the numerous initiatives undertaken by Snam to give greater impetus to sustainable mobility with natural gas and biomethane, which guarantees respect for the environment, savings and performance and in which Italy has a leading role in Europe. Our business plan for 2023 provides for more than 400 million new investments in energy transition businesses, including infrastructure initiatives to develop distribution and the supply of compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas for transport, as well as the biomethane chain. Our commitment to sustainable mobility starts from our company. That is why, after starting the conversion of the Snam fleet to natural gas, we are working along the supply chain with our business partners as DN Logistica”.

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