Volvo Trucks keen on introducing LNG fueled fleets in Malaysia

August 26, 2019. Volvo Trucks Malaysia is hatching out a plan to introduce liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered trucks in the Malaysian market as a cleaner substitute to diesel trucks.

Volvo Trucks MD Mitch Peden said the initiative is in response to the increasing awareness on the dangers of diesel fuel on the environment among Malaysians. He said the company is in the early stages of discussion with various stakeholders to explore the future of LNG fueled trucks in the country.

“There is a real future for LNG powered trucks. We are thinking about how we might be working with some key partners and the government to facilitate the launch of LNG trucks onto the market,” Peden told The Malaysian Reserve in a recent interview.

He said Volvo Trucks is ready to deliver such trucks to Malaysia, but two important factors — infrastructure and pricing point — are to be considered. “A lot of it depends on infrastructure. If you cannot refuel, you cannot go far on the road. I think it is worth a conversation and to plan collaboration with some of the big suppliers,” he said.

He added that Volvo Trucks is keen on discussing with the government and gas supply companies on ways to enable local truck operators to refuel gas on key routes in long-haul operations.

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