Westfalen Group to build its first LNG refueling station

March 22, 2019. Energy technology company, the Westfalen Group, already one of the pioneers in the market for alternative fuels such as LPG and hydrogen in Germany, has enhanced its alternative fuel interests to include liquefied natural gas (LNG) for heavy-duty truck applications.

In late autumn 2019, the first LNG station will be constructed on the site of the Westfalen fuel station opened in Baunatal.

“The location is ideal for freight forwarders: centrally located in Germany and close to the A 7, A 44 and A 49 motorways,” said Julian Janocha, project manager for LNG at the Westfalen Group.

LNG-powered trucks are just as powerful as their diesel counterparts, with LNG currently the only alternative to diesel, in the field of heavy trucks. Lower costs and lower emissions, providing forwarders with strong competitive advantages and protection of climate and the environment, is the result of operation with liquefied natural gas.

Forwarders at LNG benefit from attractive subsidy programs, while more and more driving bans are being imposed on diesel vehicles. The State supports the purchase of an LNG vehicle with EUR 12,000. Besides, there will be exemption on tolls until the end of 2020, for trucks that run on LNG. Further cost advantages are brought by tax concessions for the fuel.

“The political conditions for switching from diesel to LNG are right,” says Janocha. “The vehicles are absolutely ready for the market. Now only the fuel stations are missing. We would like to help close this gap.”

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