GNV is an online media dedicated to natural gas vehicles development in the world, which offers updated information permanently every day of the year.

The digital contents can be consulted through the Internet from any computer or through mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

The website offers news, interviews, opinion columns, videos and has an area especially dedicated to the promotion of companies and products of advertisers, as well as a space for the growing segment of liquefied natural gas. Additionally, it provides an information service through two Newsletters (Spanish and English) of weekly distribution via email to its wide database.

GNV was born in 2007 as part of the product portfolio of the journalistic contents company GFR Producciones, which includes the Gas Vehicular radio program broadcasted uninterruptedly since 2006 in Argentina. joins successfully in 2009, spreading the news of gas vehicles market in the United States and Canada. Likewise, it participates in the most important conferences and exhibitions of the activity through the production of a magazine/catalog that constitutes a permanent source of consultation, without expiration, for those who wish to know and contact the most outstanding companies in the world.

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