March 29, 2019. The National Regulatory Entity of Gas (Enargas) is developing new safety regulations and modernizing the monitoring and control mechanisms to promote the expansion of consumption of liquefied natural gas (LNG) for heavy transport and compressed natural gas (CNG) in buses of public transport, utilities and light vehicles in general.

The process of transformation is necessary and seen by all stakeholders in the sector as an opportunity to generate demand for the incremental production of Vaca Muerta gas, as well as generate a greater added value in the manufacture of products for the use of these alternative fuels.

It seeks to promote the development and production of compressors, cylinders, valves, pumps, and other resources for CNG and transport, pumps and other associated components for the use of LNG, which was presented from the Enargas as “an opportunity for growth and modernization of the sector”.

In that sense, from the responsible management of Natural Gas Vehicles of Enargas it was explained that it is working on “the development of regulations that give security to the circulation of buses destined to public transport powered by CNG, which is considered as a necessity in the current energy landscape and a comparative advantage with which Argentina counts.

In this regard, the agency stressed that “the commitment of Enargas is to get action in the expansion of LNG consumption for heavy transport and CNG in public transport buses, utilities and light vehicles in general.”

In this context, they assured that the extension to the entire passenger fleet of this type of fuel, in the case of CNG, will bring with it a reduction of the environmental impact.