Argentine government distributes import quota for heavy natural gas vehicles

April 10, 2020. The Ministry of Productive Development in Argentina distributed an import quota for tractors, trucks, motorized chassis and engines, all powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), through Regulation 211/2020 published in the Official Bulletin.

The current distribution quota is 20 engines; 20 chassis with motor and cabin or motor; and 80 road tractors for semi-trailers and trucks, all to CNG, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) or Biogas, which may be imported with the planned tariff reduction, corresponding to the period between April 2 and July 1, 2020.

To this group is added another quota of three chassis units with CNG engine and cabin, not used in the previous quarters.

According to Decree 440/2019, engines, chassis with engine and cabin, or with engine, all powered by CNG, LNG or biogas, pay a 2% extra-zone import duty (DIE). For their part, road tractors for semi-trailers and trucks that use engines with the same fuels must pay a DIE of 5%.

On this occasion, the Ministry assigned Scania four tractors and two powered chassis; and to CNH Industrial, 21 chassis, 11 trucks and an engine.

Meanwhile, it was established next June 2, as the deadline for companies interested in importing the goods, to submit the quota request for the period from July 2 to next October 1.

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