August 3, 2020. The Port Authority of Cartagena, Spain, has just incorporated five compressed natural gas (CNG) powered cars, two Seat Leon CNG for the Port Police, and three Seat Ibiza CNG for the administration personnel who carry out their tasks in different buildings of the port and that have been acquired through renting. The former are equipped with the elements necessary for police service and labeled with a specific design; and for greater versatility they have a tow ball.

This purchase is in line with both the port’s environmental policy -which includes the renewal of its fleet with alternative fuel vehicles- and with the application of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations Development Program. It also brings Cartagena a little closer to the concept of a green and smart port, in which both employees and users proactively develop and operate based on a sustainable development strategy.

“The port plans to gradually replace its vehicle fleet with more efficient ones. With the acquisition of these cars, the work of the Port Police is facilitated, which currently has 50 personnel and four cars, and whose work consists of guaranteeing security in the two docks. They also use more sustainable fuel, such as compressed natural gas,” said the President of the Cartagena Port Authority, Yolanda Muñoz.

Muñoz has added that, with this acquisition, two important objectives are achieved: “On the one hand, the cost of consumption will be reduced thanks to the use of natural gas (CNG and LNG) and it will also save on maintenance costs”.