May 3, 2019. The Dutch company De Winter Logistics has commissioned a Volvo FH 460 LNG 6×2 truck with platform and trailer, which is used for the transport of floriculture products between locations in the Netherlands and Germany. The vehicle is supplied by Volvo Group Truck Center.

“We are the link between producers, auctions and exporters,” says director Eric De Winter. “We make sure that floriculture products reach customers in the country and abroad.” This is done from six locations in the north and south of the Netherlands and one in Germany. De Winter Logistics opted for a Volvo FH 460 LNG 6×2 truck for transportation between locations in the Netherlands and Germany.

“We are going to drive a thousand kilometers a day with this truck and our intention is to do it in the most sustainable way,” says De Winter. “That’s why we opted for a Volvo LNG truck: a sustainable solution to transport as much trade as possible with the least CO2 footprint. Through the combination of LNG and LHV, we reduce CO2 emissions by up to 40%. The vehicle drives a day and night shift and then goes up and down twice to Germany. Thanks to the length of 25.25 meters, we save the transport movement of one combination per day. So this is a very sustainable LHV combination”.