Biomethane is about to reach a thousand plants around the world

March 29, 2019. The International Gas Information Center (Cedigaz) registered some 720 biomethane plants around the world in 2017. This is confirmed in the recent Global Biomethane Market report: Green Gas Goes Global, where it predicts that it will soon reach the thousand plants spread across 34 countries. Europe stands out as the continent with the highest number of plants, since one year earlier, in 2016, the European Biogas Association registered 503.

In 2017, year to which the data of Cedigaz refer, it is possible that Europe greatly exceeded the 503 biomethane plants of 2016, since in this last year 47 more were added with respect to 2015, according to the statistical report of the European Association of Biogas. This means that more than two of every three plants in the world are in Europe, especially in Germany, which in 2016 added 198.

This is also considered the work of Cedigaz, to ensure that since 2010 the production of biomethane has increased exponentially reaching 3,000 million cubic meters in 2017, of which 2,000 million are produced in Europe. However, it places the United States as a world leader in the use of biomethane as a fuel for vehicles, “after its increase in production between 2014 and 2017, driven by federal and state regulations.”

Other markets highlighted by the Cedigaz report are those of China and India as emerging, having developed and implemented modern technologies in this regard and set targets in the production of biomethane. In the rest of the American continent, Brazil stands out, which “is carrying out regulatory measures to exploit its great potential”.

From Cedigaz forecast that the increase will go further because a growing number of countries are establishing regulatory frameworks to support the biomethane sector. One of the examples put in the report is that of Italy and its “biomethane decree”, endowed with 4,700 million euros until 2022 to give priority to biomethane producers, among other advanced biofuels.

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