Gasnam congress promoted the use of renewable gas for sustainable mobility

April 15, 2019. The seventh edition of the congress of the Iberian Association of Natural and Renewable Gas for Mobility (Gasnam) has closed its doors with a successful attendance and result. More than 1,000 people have participated in a meeting that focuses on renewable gas as an eco-efficient fuel and the most likely successor of diesel for long distance.

During the opening of the event, Francisco López, president of Gasnam, said that “renewable gas is a clear ally for the decarbonization of transport and for the climate and social development goals promoted by Europe.” Under the slogan “Renewable gas: innovation for sustainable mobility”, this meeting, which has been held for two days in Madrid, has been inaugurated by the President of the Community of Madrid, Ángel Garrido, and by the Secretary of State for Energy, José Domínguez.

During his speech, José Domínguez highlighted “the process of decarbonization of transport passes through gasification and, later, through renewable gasification.” As the Secretary of State for Energy has indicated, “natural gas is an alternative that reduces the greenhouse gas emissions and that will lead to the introduction of renewable gases in mobility, which will undoubtedly play a key role.”

For his part, Ángel Garrido stressed that “Madrid is one of the cities with the greatest use of gas for sustainable mobility. We are developing an effective and sustainable public transport network and for this we have natural gas, an alternative that respects the environment”.

In the framework of the Congress, the II Gasnam Awards were presented, which seek to recognize the work and talent of some of its partners and that of other entities that support sustainable mobility. The winners were:

– In the Innovation category, the award was given to Scania for the introduction of the first intercity bus powered by LNG in the Spanish market.

– The award for the Best Business Initiative for the Sustainability of Land Transport went to RENFE, for its commitment to climate change through the development of different propulsion projects for liquefied natural gas locomotives.

– In the category of Environmental Entrepreneurship, the award went to the HAM Group, which has pioneered the promotion of natural gas in mobility, transforming a freight transport company into a business group that offers a comprehensive natural gas service including the transportation, supply, installation, maintenance and control of natural gas regasification plants.

– The Start Up Award that promotes the Use of Sustainable Mobility was given to GAS2MOVE for its work as a start-up to promote the last mile service with natural gas.

– In the category of Best Business Initiative for the Sustainability of Maritime Transport, the award went to BALEÀRIA, for the re-deployment that is being carried out by the shipping company of six of its liquefied natural gas ferries and the construction of three more powered by this fuel .

– The Prize for the Dissemination of Sustainable Mobility in Spain fell to the newspaper “El Economista” for its work of diffusion of the different alternative fuels according to the principle of technological neutrality without any discrimination to the different fuels that, like natural gas, they help improve air quality and drive the decarbonization process of transportation.

– Lastly, in the category of Disclosure of Sustainable Mobility in Portugal, the prize went to “Transportes em Revista”, for its work in disseminating natural gas technology for transport.

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