In La Paz there are 94.000 natural gas fueled vehicles

July 12, 2019. The Executing Entity of Conversion to Natural Gas for Vehicles of Bolivia (EEC-GNV) reported that, at present, the automotive fleet of the department of La Paz has at least 94.000 vehicles that use compressed natural gas (CNG).

In addition, in eight years the requalification of CNG cylinders reached 21.000 units in this region, the EEC-GNV reported, through a bulletin from the Ministry of Hydrocarbons.

The investment, in charge of the EEC-GNV, in eight years (2011-2019), will exceed the 277 million bolivianos, which are possible from the nationalization of hydrocarbons, the state agency ABI published.

Vehicles converted to natural gas, up to March 2019, represent 20% of the La Paz vehicle fleet, informed the executive director of the EEC-GNV, Alejandra Huaylla. “The consumption of this type of fuel has an economic benefit, because the price of CNG is 60% cheaper compared to gasoline, which means a direct saving for the beneficiary,” said the director of the institution.

Huaylla added that to provide security to users, the requalification program of cylinders that run on CNG, with five years of anti-aging since its manufacture, is carried out free of charge. “In eight years (2011 to May 2019) the requalification in the department of La Paz reached 21.000 units,” she said.

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