The Environment Pollution Prevention and Control Authority for the National Capital Region (EPCA) has recommended to the Supreme Court that the entire bus fleet of Delhi be run on hydrogen-CNG fuel by 2020-21, adding that doing so could cut carbon monoxide (CO) emissions. EPCA said the transition to H-CNG, which is 18% hydrogen, can be seamless as the existing infrastructure comprising buses, piping network and dispensing stations runs on CNG.

The EPCA report noted that using H-CNG can lead to up to 70% reduction in CO emissions and 15% reduction in total hydrocarbon emissions.

The apex court had recently directed the Delhi government to explore the feasibility of introducing hydrogen-fuel cell buses. The EPCA has, however, observed that instead of going for hydrogen-fuel cell buses, H-CNG can be an intermediate solution.

“Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas and Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) R&D Centre with IGL and Delhi transport department, be directed to give a plan for use of H-CNG in the entire bus fleet of the city, with a phased in schedule (including demonstration and tests to reduce NOx emissions). This schedule should provide for all steps to be taken within a period of 2-3 years,” stated the EPCA report.