Abbey Logistics to trial long-haul LNG powered truck in the United Kingdom

Specialist bulk liquid and powder road tanker operator Abbey Logistics has begun trials of Volvo’s new liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered FM tractor, the first 6×2 heavy regional and long-haul tractor to be powered by gas in the United Kingdom.

Abbey are no strangers to gas power, having already trialed both compressed natural gas (CNG) and LNG fuels on 4×2 axle tractors in back to back tests with their diesel equivalents last year. The tests produced some very positive results with reduced fuel costs and C02 emissions, as well as encouraging driver feedback about the vehicles’ drivability and comfort. However, for Abbey to realize the full benefits of gas power, the tractors needed to be able to compete with its regular fleet of 44 tone units.

Volvo’s new LNG FM promises the same fuel efficiency as diesel and the same performance – but with 20% less CO2 emissions, and lower fuel costs. In addition, the new truck only requires the same service intervals as the diesel version.

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