Enagás and Ence sign an agreement for the development of renewable gas from biomass

The Managing Director of Enagás, Marcelino Oreja, and the CEO of Ence, Ignacio de Colmenares, have signed an agreement to develop projects to obtain renewable gases from biomass.

The objective is to take advantage of biomass surplus to generate green hydrogen and synthetic natural gas. These non-electric renewable energies can be used in industry, mobility or be injected directly into the network of gas pipelines, currently prepared to transport this type of renewable gases. In addition, they can be stored efficiently in the gas infrastructures already developed.

Obtaining synthetic natural gas and green hydrogen from biomass is a carbon-neutral technological process with high development potential. Its momentum contributes to the creation of sustainable employment, mainly in rural areas.

Spain has great potential in this type of technological solutions, due to the large existing forest mass, which needs to be cleaned to prevent fires, as well as the high volume of unused agricultural biomass, whose uncontrolled burning in the fields is highly polluting, as well as a loss of energy.

For Enagás, the agreement is part of its commitment to the development of non-electric renewable energies (green hydrogen, synthetic natural gas and biogas/biomethane) as key energy solutions in the process of decarbonization and the promotion of a circular economy.

For Ence, leader in Spain in the generation of renewable energy with low emission biomass, the agreement constitutes a new step in its contribution to a just transition towards the decarbonization of the energy system, through a new alternative for the use of biomass surplus in the country with a great potential for job creation, mainly rural.

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