Fonterra shines light on Oasis Engineering customer service

New Zealand’s leading engineering company and compressed natural gas (CNG) specialists, Tauranga based Oasis Engineering demonstrated their competency in providing great products and customer service to Fonterra.

Fonterra is well known as New Zealand’s largest Dairy Product Manufacturers. It is owned by thousands of farmers and is responsible for around 30% of the world’s dairy exports. Fonterra owns every vat that is on a supplier’s farm. Every vat includes key components, such as inlet, outlet and non-return valves. With numbers this large, reliability of products is a priority to minimize expensive maintenance in remote locations.

Rachel Waite, the Continuous Improvement Engineer at Fonterra shines a light on the positive collaboration between Oasis Engineering and Fonterra, also highlighting the great value of product and customer service provided by Oasis Engineering in her blurb.

“One of the key components that Fonterra purchase from Oasis Engineering is the Non-Return Valve (NRV) that is attached to the inlet of the vat. These NRVs were previously purchased from another supplier; however, in 2012 it was found that these had a major fault. The springs in the NRVs were breaking in as short as 1 year after being used. The scale of this issue was massive and it was important to find a quick solution. After working with the current valve manufacturer and having no luck finding a solution, Fonterra approached Oasis Engineering to work through a solution.

Oasis Engineering was quick and professional to work with, developing a new NRV in which the spring would last the expected life on farm. By the end of 2013, Fonterra had completed trials on farm and had rolled out approximately 600 of the new NRV’s across the country. Oasis has since been our valve manufacturer of choice. They are friendly to deal with and always treat any issue or query with the utmost importance”

Oasis Engineering has been known to provide great products and customer service, with a focus on working alongside their clients to solve critical problems. Such an approach makes Oasis Engineering a global leader in the engineering industry.

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