French Gas Association requests support for NGV in the transport of goods and passengers

May 29, 2020. In reaction to the automobile recovery plan presented this Tuesday, May 26 by the President of the Republic, the French Gas Association (AFG) asks the government to remember the use of natural gas for heavy vehicles.

Very focused on the electric vehicle, the official stimulus plan for the automotive sector has left little room for other energies. While sparkling cars and utility vehicles are eligible for a conversion bonus of up to € 3,000, the freight and passenger transport sector has not been covered. In this regard, the AFG requests to correct this absence with the implementation of two emblematic measures: stimulate the renewal of the fleet of buses and diesel trucks with natural gas and biogas vehicles, as well as support a plan to deploy alternative fuel stations.

To stimulate the purchase of gas units, the AFG proposes to replace the current over amortization with a tax credit that varies from 20 to 25% depending on the type of vehicle and extend it to light commercial units (less than 2.6 tons) for small businesses and artisans. In relation to private stations, the AFG also requires the implementation of a tax credit. These are two proposals that had already been raised by the French Association for Natural Gas Vehicles (AFGNV) and GRDF a few weeks ago.

“We need to offer diversified fuel solutions to the French people. Gas-based mobility has many economic and ecological advantages and serves the industrial sovereignty of our country by contributing to the attractiveness of our territories,” said Patrick Corbin, President of the French Gas Association.

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