Hermes adds Iveco CNG fueled trucks to its fleet

July 30, 2020. Package delivery giant Hermes is to take delivery of seven new Iveco Stralis Natural Power 400 tractors units. The 4x2s join 90 other compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles on the fleet – making it the largest in the United Kingdom – along more than 400 trucks in total. Hermes has chosen then 400hp Stralis for their favorable total cost of ownership and their reduced CO2 emissions which are up to 80% lower when running on biomethane compared with a Euro-6 diesel vehicle. As a result, more than 13,500 tons of CO2 are saved annually across its CNG fleet, with a 99% reduction in particulates and a 60% drop in NOx.

The decision to invest heavily in CNG vehicles has been helped by CNG Fuels who have built a Bio-CNG refueling station next to the Hermes parcel distribution facility in Warrington. The site, which is the largest in Europe, is capable of filling up to 800 trucks a day.

“We are pioneers in our industry and that extends into the way we run our trucks, which is why we continue to add Stralis NPs to our fleet. Our approach to business is very sustainable and we are proud to champion alternative low carbon fuels to achieve our goal of slashing emissions,” said Mervyn McIntyre, Hermes head of network fleet and vehicle compliance.

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