August 7, 2019. In recent months, Italy has overtaken Spain for the number of service stations for trucks that use liquefied natural gas (LNG), becoming the leading operator in the sector in Europe. The ConferenzaGNL notes this on the basis of the data published by REF-E in the abstract of the interim report 2019 “SSLNG Watch”.

The stations for trucks in Italy are now 53, of which 15 opened since the beginning of the year. Another 9 plants are equipped with a cryogenic tank but only deliver compressed gas (L-CNG) for the cars. The Spanish Gasnam specialized site reviews 44 plants in Spain, all for truck refueling. According to NGVA Europe (Natural Gas Vehicle Association), Italy and Spain are followed by France with 31 plants, Holland 24, Great Britain 13, and Belgium 10. Germany is still behind, with only 6 plants but entered the sector only two years ago.

Worldwide, China is in first place with around 1,300 LNG stations and 80,000 trucks (Google search system data), followed by Europe with 218 (NGVA census updated with the most recent openings in Italy and Spain) and over 5,000 trucks, almost 2,000 of which are registered in Italy; in third place is the United States, with 144 plants registered by NGVAmerica.