OBHAI reaches 12.500 CNG autorickshaws in Bangladesh

March 25, 2019. The app had introduced compressed natural gas (CNG) powered autorickshaw services last year. Now it offers rides from 10.000 CNG autorickshaws in Dhaka city and 2.500 in Chattogram city, a company spokesman said.

OBHAI said it is proud of providing accessible CNG autorickshaw services through ‘just one click’ on the app.

“One no longer needs to wait for long periods of time or go through the hassle of negotiating fares with CNG drivers,” OBHAI said in a statement.

OBHAI CNGs also address safety concerns and offer various amenities such as Wi-Fi, fans and comfortable seating, the company said.

“Before OBHAI, the condition of regular CNGs was not up to the mark. However OBHAI has brought about a change, setting a new benchmark for CNGs,” the statement said.

CNG autorickshaw drivers are also reaping benefits as their incomes increase and their standards of living rise, OBHAI said.

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