February 13, 2021. The Ministry of Energy and Mines of Peru (Minem), in coordination with the Transport and Communications (MTC) and Production (Produce) sectors, published a draft Supreme Decree that seeks to modify the regulations for the installation and operation of establishments for the sale to the public of natural gas for vehicles (NGV), in order to promote its massification for urban mobility.

Ministerial Resolution No. 029-2021-MINEM/DM proposes that the Supervisory Council of the NGV Cargo Control System – made up of representatives of the three sectors – implement mechanisms and incentives to promote a greater use of natural gas as vehicle fuel.

This aims to increase the use of NGV in the country, reactivating the market for this product and increasing the number of vehicular conversions, using resources from the Social Energy Inclusion Fund (FISE), the energy system or other sources of financing.

Currently, although the NGV market is growing in the country, most of the consumption is registered in Lima and Callao, so it is necessary to deploy greater incentives to extend the commercialization of this product nationwide.

The measure, which will be aimed at users and establishments that sell vehicular gas, considers that it is a fuel with a lower environmental impact, compared to gasoline or diesel, and presents substantial advantages compared to the emission of carbon dioxide given its low harmfulness.

Likewise, Minem, MTC and Produce plan to update the filling control system, regulating aspects of security, information exchange, administration, supervision and management of the systems.