Petronet to set up 1.350 LNG stations across major highways

July 6, 2020. Petronet LNG Ltd, the India’s biggest liquefied natural gas (LNG) infrastructure company, will adopt a three-pronged strategy to expand its business in the country after the government last month allowed marketing and distribution of LNG by any entity. As part of this strategy, the company will set up 1.350 LNG dispensing stations across major national highways.

Petronet seeks to boost LNG infrastructure on highways where LNG is largely unavailable for heavy vehicles. “There is a level playing field now for setting up of LNG dispensing station. So we have planned in three phases our LNG corridor development,” Vinod K Mishra, director finance, Petronet LNG told analysts.

In the first phase, the company would put up 50 stations on five major highways, which include Western Corridor and Southern Corridor, by 2021. In the second phase, it plans to set up around 300 LNG filling stations on all highways and in the third phase it will set up 1.000 facilities.

India has a total of 87 national highways which interconnect the country’s capital and state capitals through important cities.

Petronet LNG expects that considering 25% of highways will have major medium and heavy commercial vehicles playing on them, traffic from various ports, mines, petrochemical complexes, FMCG industries and logistics hubs, 35,000 km of highways will be covered.

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