SEAT participates in a new European biomethane project based on waste

September 20, 2019. SEAT will participate until 2023 in the Life Landfill Biofuel project, recently approved by the European Commission, which aims to obtain renewable gas from municipal landfills. The objective is to achieve more efficient management by obtaining biomethane from an indigenous and abundant energy source. The project will be developed together with other collaborating entities over the next four years and has a global budget of 4.6 million euros, of which the European Commission finances 55%.

Andrew Shepherd, responsible for renewable gas projects at SEAT, stressed that “this project will allow us to advance the development and research of biomethane as fuel. Our ultimate goal is to guarantee the zero impact of CO2 emissions throughout the entire life cycle of the vehicle”.

With the aim of promoting circular economy, energy efficiency and emission reduction, SEAT is already participating in the Life Methamorphosis project to obtain biomethane from previously selected waste and slurry from a farm in Lleida. The new Life Landfill Biofuel project is another step since the raw material comes directly from the landfill, without prior separation.

The European Union will limit to 10% municipal waste that can be thrown into landfills in 2035. Therefore, converting waste into biofuel for transport is a solution to this environmental challenge. This new project also has the participation of FCC, IVECO, the University of Granada, the CARTIF Foundation, SYSADVANCE and Gasnam. In addition, SEAT also developed a similar project with Aqualia to convert wastewater into biofuel.

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