Seur adds 10 liquefied natural gas trucks to its fleet

July 23, 2019. The Spanish parcel company Seur has added 10 Volvo liquefied natural gas (LNG) trucks to its fleet to increase the number of green vehicles it has. As noted by the company, with each of these units will save 10% of fuel consumption on each route with respect to diesel, achieving a total savings of 50,000 liters of fuel throughout the year. These vehicles are operational since July on transport routes throughout the national geography.

As the company has pointed out, this acquisition falls within the CSR strategy, which includes its commitment to measure, reduce and compensate the carbon footprint and offer its customers carbon neutral shipments at no additional cost. In this sense, Seur has offset more than 65,000 tons of CO2 and has managed to reduce 5.2% of its emissions, reaching an average of 0.47 kg CO2e per package delivered last year.

The benefits of these 10 trucks, according to the statement, are a reduction in CO2 emissions by 234.4 tons per year, a decrease in carbon monoxide (CO) of 30%, and nitrogen oxides (NOx) by 35%. The operator has also stressed that the environmental noise caused by its circulation will be minimized, in addition to a 99% reduction in the emission of harmful particles causing pollution in cities.

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