Six CNG coaches for the Aisne Regional Transport Authority

July 13, 2020. Headquartered in the French city of Saint-Quentin, the Régie Régional des Transports de l’Aisne has just received and commissioned six buses running on natural gas.

Purchased through UGAP, these six vehicles offer 59 seats in normal configuration and 55 seats in UFR and PRM configuration. 13 meters long, they were supplied by Scania and benefit from numerous facilities: air conditioning, heating reclining seats, velvet upholstery, double-glazed windows, imitation wood flooring, curtains, luggage racks, etc.

Intended for regular departmental and regional lines, CNG coaches are equipped with a 320-liter 9-liter engine controlled by a six-speed ZF automatic gearbox. They offer 500 to 700 km of autonomy with a full tank thanks to five tanks of 315 liters, or 1,575 liters in total. They are integrated into the roof, which provides a bunker volume of 5 cubic meters.

“The vehicles will travel around 120 km per day. With a service station in Saint-Quentin, we will not have supply problems. Given their versatility, we can also use them for occasional services when the need arises,” explains Joël Grzeziczak, CEO of RTA.

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