Sofregaz analyzes technology to supply liquefied natural gas to ships

May 22, 2019. French engineering services company Sofregaz is conducting a study for the multi-trucks to ship LNG transfer technology to be attached to call for tenders.

Sofregaz said that Truck-to-Ship (TTS) LNG bunkering was a largely adopted method for initial LNG bunkering implementation.

With ships having a small to moderate demand for LNG, of a few hundred cubic meters, TTS provides a flexible option, responding to limited demand.

LNG bunkering TTS operations are carried out from typically standardized LNG trucks of around 40 to 80 cbm. With an increasing need for LNG, especially by ships with increased LNG fuel capacity, more than one truck may be required to bunker a single ship, depending on the required bunker volume. This may be achieved either in a sequential manner or through a common bunkering manifold.

The company is currently working on a study for LNG Multi-Trucks to Ship (MTTS) transfer. This study will aim to define a scope of requirements and specifications for Multi-trucks to ship transfer of LNG to be attached to call for tenders.

According to Sofregaz, the main purpose is to specify the system that shall be used by companies in charge of the truck-to-ship operation in line with safety & HSE principles.

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