Asda takes delivery of 202 biomethane-powered lorries

December 9, 2020. Asda is taking delivery of 202 liquefied natural gas (LNG) lorries in the run-up to Christmas, in what is claimed to be the largest single order for HGVs running on renewable fuels ever placed in the United Kingdom (UK).

The supermarket plans to transition its entire core fleet of 1,000 tractor units from diesel to gas by 2024, after in-house trials showed running on biomethane reduced CO2 emissions by more than 80%.

Asda has been rapidly building up its count of the Volvo FH LNG tractor units since it trialed two at its Avonmouth depot in December 2018. A further 49 started work from the depot between December 2019 and May 2020, and the latest order of lorries will be deployed across five sites in its distribution network.

“At Asda we like to think big, start small and scale fast – and that’s precisely what we’ve accomplished with this move to biomethane,” said Sean Clifton, Asda’s senior manager, national fleets.

“Our drivers in Avonmouth have really supported the transition. They love the Volvos and have found that running on gas is smoother and quieter than diesel, and there’s none of the range anxiety you can get with some of the other current alternative fuel options,” he added.

The bulk of the trucks will remain in service until January 2026, some 12 months longer than Asda’s typical replacement cycle for diesel vehicles.

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