AXIS GNC presents its GAS Diesel Technology: AX-PRO-ID

AXIS GNC, an Argentine company focused on the research, development, design, manufacture and sale of CNG and LPG electronic products for vehicular use, presents its Diesel GAS AX-PRO-ID technology for heavy transport.

Thanks to this development, large vehicles destined to travel long distances enjoy a decrease in diesel consumption, transporting important cargo volumes.

According to the company, in a Diesel Gas conversion, the engine always works with diesel, but the contribution of Gas manages to reduce the consumption of diesel, while reducing pollution due to lower consumption of liquid fuel, and increases the autonomy.

The AX-PRO-ID system has the possibility to emulate three types of signals for this purpose:

  • MAP
  • Fuel Rail Pressure
  • TPS

For the latter, AXIS GNC has specially designed the dual track TPS emulator, AX-TPS, which is linked to the AX-PRO-ID injection system via a high-speed CAN network.

It also incorporates another accessory to its line of developments, which communicates with the CAN network of the AX-PRO-ID system, in order to capture and analyze the opacity of the exhaust gases.

This opacity information is presented in the calibration adjustment map of the system, allowing to increase or decrease the gas contribution, or the substitution percentage, according to these readings.

Given that the contribution of Gas in a system of these characteristics tends to increase the power of the engine, and, consequently, the temperature, the solution designed by AXIS GNC incorporates the necessary protections to avoid and anticipate problems due to possible calibration errors, decreasing the percentages of fuel substitution in case of approaching out-of-range exhaust temperature values.

As in the entire AXIS GNC product line, these are some of the most outstanding features.

  • Configuration versatility, where you can choose the emulation mode(s) to reduce the contribution of diesel.
  • Optional dual track TPS emulation system.
  • Thermocouple kit for temperature measurement in the exhaust manifold.
  • In two versions: 4 and 6 Cylinders.
  • Blocking access to the Configuration, so that other installers cannot make modifications.
  • Configuration assisted by qualified personnel.

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