Biomethane and biogas minimize carbon dioxide emissions

April 3, 2020. According to the World Energy Outlook report of the International Energy Agency (IEA), in the scenarios for 2040 there is talk of a 40% growth in terms of availability of sustainable raw materials for the production of biogas and/or biomethane. Especially in the Asia and Pacific region where imports have grown, without neglecting the areas of North and South America, Europe and Asia where the possibilities are also growing.

Likewise, the sustainable potential for the supply of biogas and biomethane is taken into account, based on a detailed assessment of the availability of raw material and production costs in all regions of the world. Taking into account, as reflected in the report, that the recognition of the value of avoided emissions of carbon dioxide and methane contributes greatly to improving the cost competitiveness of biomethane.

Biogas and biomethane, generated from agricultural residues, animal manure and food waste, could cover 20% of global gas demand, according to the results released in the report. In this way, “a boost from governments can give biogas and biomethane the necessary boost, with benefits in energy, transport, agriculture and the environment,” said IEA Executive Director Dr. Fatih Birol.

To achieve the multiple benefits of biogas and biomethane, the coordinated formulation of policies in the areas of energy, transport, agriculture, the environment and waste management is important, since the evolution of the industry of these elements will depend on each country, the sector approach, as well as the availability of raw materials. Elements that, when properly carried, can contribute to the transformation of the global energy system in the face of great opportunities and even difficulties, which in the end will contribute to the sustainable growth of the sector.

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