Bolivian NGV program reinvests Bs 8 million of revenues

December 24, 2019. The Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) conversion program managed to recover 8,000,000 Bolivians (US $ 1,159,000) during the year, which are reinvested to continue with the plan and that the entire automotive fleet of Tarija migrates to this energy source, 99% of public transport did it and currently seeks to encourage individuals to do so.

The head of the NGV Unit of the Government of Tarija, José Navarro Antelo, said that by 2019 they had a projection of 1,010 conversions throughout the department and they did so with 898 vehicles to meet the goal, for example in Cercado and Bermejo they even passed the quotas, in Villa Montes they reached 50%, while in Yacuiba 80%.

He recalled that with respect to public transport, they were given a wide coverage, almost entirely changed their energy matrix, some modernized their vehicles so in 2019 the program of conversion for fifth-generation motorized vehicles was opened and it is planned to project for 2020 a greater amount.

It is about complying with Law 3,802 of transformation of the entire automotive fleet to NGV, so the plan was opened to private vehicles and they have a good number of individuals cars converted, without neglecting the financial recovery and that users understand that with a higher NGV consumption the program can be maintained.

“The car fleet has grown a lot in the last three to four years, it has doubled throughout the department, last year it increased by more than 60%, according to the National Statistics Institute (INE), this considerable amount is convertible, they are about 80,000 vehicles throughout the region and 21,000 units were reached,” he explained.

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